Take It Easy

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                Link helped me through the door, insisting that I couldn’t do it alone. I didn’t see why not, but that was probably the drugs speaking.

                He helped me into my room, Erica following us closely, and then left everything to Erica. “Do you need help?” She asked as she grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of red plaid boxers.

                I shook my head, ignoring the urge to vomit afterwards. “I can do it.” I slurred, reaching to grab the clothes.

                She just chuckled and walked closer to me. “Come on.” She unbuttoned my shirt for the second time that night. She slid it down my arms, her fingers brushing along my skin. Next was the bra which she just tossed aside when she had taken it off. “Arms up.” She whispered to me. I did the best I could, it still hurt, but not too much. She slid the new shirt over my head and I dropped my arms again. It was faded blue with a couple holes in it. It was one of the few things I had left from my old house. I kept it because I had worn it with Erica one of the first nights she was with me. It reminded me of her.

                “I like this shirt.” I mumbled as I fingered one of the small holes.

                She smiled. “I know. I like it too.”

                “It’s soft.” I yawned loudly and listened to Erica laugh. I loved her laugh. It sounded like…home.

                “Yes, I know.” Her fingers started undoing my dress pants.

                “Are you taking advantage of me Miss Erica?” I asked, trying not to slur my words again.

                “Like you wouldn’t want it.” She said with a small, sad smile.

                I reached down and cupped her cheek. “I wouldn’t. Not until you did.” Drugs make everything go from funny to serious real quick.

                She just blinked up at me. She eventually shook her head with a smile, “Come on, I have to get you ready for bed.”

                “Did I get blood on my suit? Linda spent a lot of money on it.” I mumbled.

                “No, you didn’t get blood on your suit.” She seemed amused that I asked.

                “I’m glad they cleaned me up there, I’m too tired to shower now.” I yawned and she pulled down my pants and something else I didn’t expect. My light blue boxer briefs.


                “Don’t be a baby. They’re probably covered in blood too.” She grumbled as she pulled on the new boxers.

                “But…” I wasn’t sure what to say. I was tired and everything in my head was foggy.

                She went into the bathroom and I heard the water running in the sink. She came back out with a toothbrush in her mouth and holding one out to me. I stuck it in my mouth and brushed my teeth thoroughly before Erica helped me walk to the sink to spit and wash out my mouth.

                I looked over at her. She was watching me carefully, like she was afraid to hurt me. “Your lip is bleeding a little.” She mumbled, reaching up to run her thumb along my bottom lip.

                I wrapped my fingers around her wrist and slowly stroked the bottom with my thumb. I closed my eyes and whispered. “I love you.”

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