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Fork Tongue Road

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That's how I feel, like I can spin around in circles singing to the moon in thanks and praise for this chance, this new beginning for me. I even have the music on this morning getting ready for work. It's as if every musical note is absorbing in my body as I sing along to the song.

This is another first for me, usually I don't get so involved in singing, as I do my makeup. Just a hint of eyeshadow to maybe bring out my eyes more. A very light tinge of red lip gloss I apply to my lips that puckers back, I kiss the mirror leaving behind a imprint of my lips.

Looking at the mirror, what's staring back at me has brighter eyes, like a snake shedding it's old faded skin. My face looks like it's glowing and pink. The fake smile that always looks back at me is now being replaced by my hearts smile.

I feel so good.

My face keeps getting redder and redder with the thoughts of him and that kiss, that first kiss that will always be with me for my lifetime.

He's like my own personal sun, warming me from the inside out...I twirl again inside my home, who's smell is almost my own.

My heart skips a beat just thinking about him, he might really like me. Maybe I might have a chance, just that dim ray of hope has me giddy with excitement. I tried to call him yesterday, to see if he wanted to hang out or anything. He didn't answer his phone so I was forced to leave an awkward message which had me embarrassed. I didn't want to come off sounding to eager but I just couldn't help it in my voice.

I'm actually so nervous to go to work today and see him. I need to try and calm myself or else everyone will be able to smell my excitement if I let my emotions get the best of me.

Walking to work, I have to restrain myself not to skip down the road...

Looking in at everyone's yards, neat pile of leaves dot the grass, evidence that they just couldn't get all the yard work done in one weekend. Soon I will be smelling the whiff of frost on the earth. The trees are starting to look lonesome with the dropping of their leaves on the ground. Leaving behind a carpet mosaic of crimsons, oranges and yellows.

Today the sunrise is blood red in the sky, such beauty in nature all you have to do is look. The days are shortening, the nights will start to get colder. I can't wait to light my fireplace when the snow starts to fall.

Taking a deep breath before walking in, I try to act cool. Like I always fix my hair for work and wear makeup. Looking around I can see a light on in his office, Aurora isn't her yet.

Knocking softly on his office door, my heart is beating in my chest.

"Come in."

When I look at him I give him my best heart smile, it's from my soul...It's true and without restraint.

What's greeting my eyes is not his smile, instead he has fading bruises. His throat is torn up, as if another wolf was trying to tear it out.

"Rya, sit down." I take a seat directly across from his desk hand in my lap or else they will try to touch him. He's not giving out any signals that he wants me to touch him.

"What happened?" My heart is starting to sink in my chest.

"A disagreement." That's all he says before a quiet takes hold.

Sighing to himself, he seems as if he wants to say something but doesn't know where to begin.

He's looking into my eyes, concern is etched in my face.

"What happened Dallas?" Standing I try to touch his face, he flinches away. My hand goes to my side before sitting back down.

I'm holding my breath for some reason, as if I'm waiting for something bad to come out of his mouth. The bottom of my stomach starts to choke. A small breath catches in my throat as I bite my bottom lip with his extended silence.

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