Beat Senseless

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Please realize this story will not be updated everyday. Maybe once a week. Im sorry if you really like this story... Buh~Bye! ~ Madi

As I walked down the empty streets I thought 'What did I do wrong?' Everyone seemed so distant from me. No one would look or talk to me. I heard footsteps creep up behind me. I knew who. Every time I pass this alleyway he comes. "Hello, Jack." I shuttered as he called my name. I knew what I was in for. I paused and sighed. "Can we just get this over with?" I heard him chuckle. He grabbed the back of my hoodie and dragged me into the alleyway. I hated this. No one to protect me. No one to love me. No one to cherish a smile or a laugh with. Just being beat senseless by Felix. He threw my body against the wall earning a grunt from me. He pulled my hoodie off revealing my bruised body and my black tank top. I looked at the floor. I saw his fist run past my vision. Seconds later I felt a pain in my side. I've gone to the hospital 6 times from broken bones, bruised bones and nerve damage. Some times if he hits me in the face, I don't feel it. The ends of the nerves on my face are distorted. So, I don't feel anything that hits my face, including his fist. Felix laughed as he relatedly punched me in the chest. I couldn't breathe. I tried breathing through my nose but air wouldn't stay. He finally stopped letting me gasp for air. I put my hand over my chest to feel something missing. "Shit." I wheezed out. He broke another rib. He chuckled seeing I noticed something broke. He laughed, grabbing the edge of my tank top lifting me off the the ground. "Worthless. Hopeless. Unlovable. Stupid." He said throwing me to the ground. I landed flat on my back causing my spine to hit the hard, concrete floor. I grunted, pushing myself up. I managed to keep my head from hitting the ground. If he hit my head hard enough I could black out, go into a coma or worse. Die. Felix laughed as he grabbed my shin pulling me further into the alley. I didn't have much left in me. I struggled, but then gave up, knowing I was beat. "Man, not much fight this time... Huh?" He chuckled laying me flat on my stomach. "fuck." I whispered as the pain in my side grew worse. Felix put his foot on my back followed by the other. I laid my head down on the concrete, knowing what was coming next. Felix put all his weight into his feet and started to jump on my back. He kept going. Jumping up and down repeatedly. I felt my spine pop then break. I felt my rib cage collapse. Help. Me. Please... Help....

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