Chapter 31: Black Blood

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Eredhelil hit her sword against Deigl's, the pain staking screeching sounds running through the room. The metal crashed against itself and made sharp and sickening noises with every hit. Why couldn't she stop it? Her mother was doing this, and even though she wanted so badly to get rid of her, she just... couldn't. Something wasn't allowing her to break free of the despicable clasp the magic had to her. Deigil was getting tired, she knew that, and soon it would be worse to fight her, because she would be winning. The girl just wasn't as well trained in swordsmanship as she was, even thought she herself trained Deigil for a good part of her years, Eredhelil had been training for far longer. She risked a glance at her mother who was now prowling closer and closer to Meathil. She wanted to do something, wanted to resist the commands her mother placed on her, but even she felt overwhelmed. It made her think about the boy, how bad he controlled it, and how had he not shown the pain. Somehow even though she was winning, she felt the slightest bit like a weak puppy. Deigil launched herself at Eredhelil, how making attempts to hit her thighs. If she did get hit, it would make it so she couldn't walk, but she wouldn't die, she wouldn't be fighting Deigil anymore either. Eredhelil pushed herself, willed her body, or tired to at least. Nothing was working, nothing was making it any easier to control her body. Her mind was making her move, but not her real mind, it was the one her mother had molded and made for her all these past years. Their faces were inches away and all Eredhelil wanted to do was to pull the girl closer, to stop herself from doing it, from having to fight. She was tired of it, she didn't want to fight anymore. She sneaked a glance at her mother, but was surprised to not see a wicked smile, but the back of her head. Eredhelil stared at that silver hair, and looked to where those eyes that were not piecing her heart, were looking.

Meathil was in her battle stance, with her sword in hand and shield in the other. She still remembered when the captain had beat her in that monster, she'd been so shocked, but also so grateful to be out of that endless darkness. Her mother had placed her in there, to bring pain to others, and as a reminder of how lonely a true queen had to be. How a true ruler had to have a black heart. She never believed that claim for a second, because we all know that the Valoor and Eriness queens are some of the most kind people, and they rule absolutely wonderfully. She remembered when they'd visited once, and the queen treated her and Deigil to a basket full of treats, and she let them play with her pet grimalkin cub. That day was one of her favorites, Deigil had such a bright and cheery smile on her face. It reminded her of how different that little girl was, to the woman standing in front of her now, holding her rapier proud.

"Ered, you don't need to be this way. Don't let the magic control you, don't let it hunt you down and tear you apart. I've seen it happen in many people, from my dearest friends, to trusted court members. I can't...I can't loose you too." She stared into those different colored eyes, the same ones who had changed her life. Deigil's black hair sprawled across her back and shoulders, it almost reached her butt, and was so silky and smooth. Eredhelil took a dagger that was hidden in her boot and flung it at the girl, instantly feeling her chest cramp up. The dagger slit open part of Deigil's arm, sending blood splattering to the floor. The necklace around the girl's neck rocked and bounced around as Deigil ripped a piece of her undershirt to tie her wound. She wished to give her the time to do it, or even to help her, but her pawned mind. She felt her feet dig into the ground and slash her sword closer and closer to the neck. Her body was bringing out her training now, the intense training her mother had taught her. Slash, stab, cut, slice, tear, shred, hit hard and never regret. The thoughts ran through her mind and she pushed them away, she wanted to throw them out the window. Eredhelil looked at the girl who was struggling against the intense speed she'd built up over the past years. Her eyebrows narrowed and the look in her eyes was aggressive and concentrated. Deigil's eyes cut through her soul like a sword, but when she looked down she saw it wasn't just her eyes that had cut her. Deigil had reached her legs and now she had a large gashes seeping blood on her calves, she fell to the ground feeling the cold marble beneath her knees. It sent shivers through her body, and her head hung low. But, her mind forced her body to get up, gritting her teeth together from the rotten pain that was surging through her legs. She could feel everything and not do a freaking thing about it, she would rather kill herself than bring harm to her friends, and to Deigil. But, she knew the girl felt the same way about her. Soon enough Eredhelil felt the sinful eyes of her mother settle on her.

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