chapter one

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Luke's POV

"Cally lets go we are going to be late on the first day of school," I barge into my best friend's room.

"Just a second," he shouts from his bathroom.

He finally walks out of the bathroom in a black skater skirt with one of my Green Day tees tucked into it paired with all black Vans.

"How do I look?" he twirls around, his skirt riding up a little bit.

"Amazing like always, thanks for asking to borrow my shirt," I point to my Green Day tee hung loosely on his slim body.

"Since when do we ask to borrow each other's clothes?" he laughs.

"You mean since when do you ask to borrow my clothes. I don't wear your type of clothes," I say.

I instantly regret letting those words come out of my mouth seeing the hurt look on Cal's face.

"Cally you know I didn't mean it like that. You know I love that you wear feminine clothes because it represents who you are," I sincerely say.

"Let's just go, like you said we are going to be late," he says clearly upset.

"I didn't mean for it to sound like I was putting you down about what you wear. You know I wouldn't do that to you baby," I say.

"I know I'm sorry, you know how sensitive I am," he says tears brimming his eyes.

"Hey don't cry, you can't mess up your makeup on the first day of school," I wipe under his eyes.

He hugs me and pulls me downstairs all the way out to my car.

I quickly go and open the door for him treating him like the princess that he his. I'll beat up any guy who doesn't think the same and breaks his heart.

I go around the car and hop in on my side.

Cal and I have been riding to school together on the first day since kindergarten. The difference now being I can actually drive him.

I don't just take him to school on the first day though. I take him to school everyday. It's not because he can't drive or doesn't have a car or anything I just enjoy his company.

I like to start the day with him, driving him to school and ending the day with him, driving him home.

I hear Cal's stomach grumble and I look at him to see he has an embarrassed look on his face.

"Did you not eat anything for breakfast?" I ask.

"No I didn't really have time. I was too busy getting ready and then you told me we were going to be late," his words quickly rush out.

"I'm going to go through a drive thru to get you something to eat," I turn right going away from the direction of the school.

"I don't want you to be late though Lukey," he says.

"We were already going to be late. Why not be fashionably late, literally," I gesture towards his outfit.

"Why thank you Hemmings you're such a good friend," he giggles.

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