The Temptress

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He watched her through the window, as he always did. She was not wearing her usual red top with pink pajama bottoms. He noted this little detail with great interest. It intrigued him because tonight was also a break in his monotonous routine. Tonight he was not just a silent observer, lurking unknown in the shadows. Tonight he would finally meet the woman he loved.

She left the kitchen, and his sight, until moments later she appeared in the bedroom window. At first, she was only a dark silhouette, her features indiscernible. Then the light turned on, illuminating the bedroom and his heart. He peered over the row of holly bushes, straining his eyes for more.

Tonight she was wearing a thin, silky nightgown. He knew she had nothing underneath by the way the fabric clung to the contours of her body. She tucked a loose strand of her blonde hair behind one ear. Every movement she made only aroused him more. She bent over to pick something up.

“Yes, that’s it,” he whispered. He quickly glanced around to ensure no one was about. The coast was clear. He crept forward, ignoring the sharp leaves of the holly bush. He didn’t fear being spotted by her. It was dark outside and she had the lights on. Only her reflection would be there to greet her should she look out the window. He knew he was safe. She never looked out the window.

Having championed the holly bushes, he stood. Only a few steps now separated him from the window. He smiled. He had never seen her so close. After so many nights of watching from afar, being so close was almost unbearable. A mere pane of glass was all that kept them apart.

Her perfection consumed him. He studied the sharp features of her profile; the slope of her nose, the crimson parting of her divine lips. He wanted to smell her.  He desperately needed to taste her. Would she turn so that he could see her full face?

Do me a favor, he pleaded. Show me your face.

He took a step forward.

I promise I’ll be a good boy. Just show me that perfect face.

She walked out of the bedroom. His lips tightened in frustration. 

No matter.  You’ll show me soon enough.

He watched for her in the kitchen window. The minutes passed and still she failed to appear. She must have gone to the front room. He shuddered with anticipation.

It was time.

He snuck around to the side of the house. He proceeded along the length of the house until he came to the living room window. The irregular flash of the television cut through the narrow slits in the blind. He smiled again. She was watching TV in the dark.

Good girl.

He knew her habits, knew that she watched television each night until she went to bed. Normally he hated this part of the night. She kept the blinds closed in the living room. Except for the occasional trip to the fridge, he didn’t see anymore of her for the night. This night was different, however. Tonight she would not be alone.

He slid back until he found the window he was looking for. He checked the latch. It was unlocked. He recalled the excitement of the night he discovered the unlocked window. It was on that night that he’d first conceived the idea for this great plan. Each night after that, he returned to watch her, and to check the window. Each night he found it unlocked.

So innocent.

Ever so cautiously, he slid the window open. His heart raced. It was finally happening. He had waited so long for this night. He congratulated himself for his patience. The thrill was worth the wait. Although he had always imagined her wearing the red top with pink bottoms, the nightgown was a pleasant surprise.

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