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The sun rises and it sets

The flowers appear on the earth

The birds sings and the elephant trumpets

The vines are in blossom and are great

The moon and stars rises and shines

But none astonishes me, as the magnificence of your beaut’

With great delight I lie on my bed

Thinking of you and your beauty

And looking for the right words

To describe your endowed grace

But can’t think of none..

As little a part of the greatness

I say you are beautiful than the sun

You are as comely and fair as the moon

You are more terrible in beauty than the rainbow

But all these is just the peak of an ice berg

My dove, my perfect one, Obim

The darling of her mother

Flawless to her that bore her

O fairest among women

I compare you as thus:

Your head crowns your graceful beauty

It stood like the magnificent statue of liberty

Your body radiates glory like the sun

It’s as smooth and attractive as the golden fish

Your hair flows like the fountain from a valley

It shines and gleams as an eel

Your glittering eyes are like that of evening stars

They shine as though they are diamonds

Your nose flows from inn between your eyes

Down to the top of your lips like River N. and B.

It forms a confluence of beauty on your face

Your mouth is guarded by the best kiss-able lips

Which are as tender as that of a babe

And priceless as that of a princess

Your tongue which’s as red as cola

When tasted is sweeter than honey

Your teeth glisters like newly cut diamonds

Finely set like the dwarfs around snow white

They glow like newly fallen snow before the morning dew

Your neck is like the beautiful pillar of the church

Ready for adorenment like that of a princess

Your two great breast makes a man’s heart skip

They compete for glory on your chest

They are filled with the milk of life

On each is a fiddle nipple as beautiful as a pink rose

Hard and sweet like the first harvest grapes

Your stomach contains the microchip of life

The chip known as navel

Which makes a man blink twice for its radiance

Your thighs are as beautiful as that of Eve

And forces every man to his knee ‘cos of its perfectness

Your rear is blessed with a set of robust twin curves

The uniqueness of the movement makes a man faint

Your legs and arms are strong and well structured

They are as straight and sexy like that of a gazelle

You are fair my love, Obim

There is not a bit of flaw in you

Your beauty is as fair as that of an angel

Rare to find in anyone

Your rare my only one

I love you my guardian angel!

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