you have a nightmare

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James: you and James were sleeping and you were rolling around in bed. You were having a nightmare. You jumped up and started to cry. "Y/n, what's wrong," James asked. He sat up and hugged you tight. "I had that nightmare again. But this time it was terrible, because you died in it." You said as you started to cry harder. "Babe, i'm still here. And you can always tell me everything." James said to comfort you. After he said that, you felt relaxed, so he kissed you on the lips. And you felt back to sleep and slept like a rose.

Sirius: You woke up in the middle of the nightmare you had for weeks. Sirius woke up and wrapped his arms around you. " Babe, did you had that nightmare again?" Sirius asked. You nodded and started to cry. "I don't want this nightmare, it's so terrible." You said."Maybe, you have to talk to Dumbledore or McGonagall." Sirius said as he pulled you down to lay next to him."Maybe that will help." You said. Sirius hugged you and gave you a kiss. You fell back to sleep and curled up next to Sirius and you fell in a nightmareless sleep.

Remus: You were walking down the stairs torwards the common room and sat down on the couch. You were crying because had yet another nightmare. Remus walked torwards you, because you weren't laying next to him. "What's wrong?" He asked you. " I had a nightmare and it involved my parents." You said as you cried harder. Remus said as he gave you a kiss on your forehead. " You are so special. Nothing is going to happen to you as long that i'm here. I will always protect you from these bad dreams." Remus said." Thank you, i love you very much." you said." I love you to." Remus said and you two went back to sleep.

Lucius: You woke up in the middle of het night and you were crying. You had a nightmare and in the nightmare Lucius was dying." Y/n, what's wrong?" Lucius asked." I had another nightmare and this time you were dying." you said. " But i'm still here and i'm going to protect you from everything bad. Nothing will come between us." Lucius asked. You were lucky to have Lucius. " Thanks, you are the best boyfriend ever." You said as you wiped away your tears. "I know and you are the best girlfriend ever." Lucius said as he kissed you on the lips. " let's go back to sleep. i love you." You said. "i love you to." Lucius said and you two fell back to sleep.

Severus: You walked out the girls dorm and walked torwards the common room. You woke up screaming and you woke everyone. Severus walked torwards you and sat down next to you. " What's wrong, love?" Severus asked. " i had that nightmare yet again, the one i told you about." You said as you started to cry." Hey, there's no need to cry. I will always protect you. And if you want you can talk to Slughorn about it." Severus said as he pulled you in a hug and kissed your forehead. " Let's go back to sleep."

Tom: you woke up in the middle of the night, after you had a nightmare. Tom woke up because he wanted to know what was going on. "What happened? Why are you up?" Tom asked. "I had a nightmareand it just scared me" You said. Tom pulled you in a hug and kissed your forehead. " I will always be there for you. I will protect you, i will Always protect you and support you in whatever you do. I will kill the person that tries to hurt you. i'll chase those bad dreams away." Tom said. "Thank you, Tom. I love you and that will never change." You said. You laid back down in bed and you kissed Tom on the lips and fell in a peacefull sleep.

Regulus: You woke up in the middle of the night. You started to cry, becaus you had a nightmare. Regulus wrapped his arms around you and you jumped a little. " What's up, babe?" Regulus asked. "I had nightmare and i was so scared." You said. " you don't have to be scared, because i'm here and i will protect you. You are my princess and i will save you from this bad dragon." Regulus said as you started to laugh. You kissed him on the lips. "You are my knight in shining armour." You said. Regulus laughed and pulled you down to go back to sleep. "I love you, princess." He said. "I love you to, prince." you said as you fell back to sleep

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