Having a really bad day!

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There is some stronge language in this ranting-thing. I didn't know where else to put it, so I put it under poetry, although I don't have that much experience with it.

Let me know what you think! (And of course what do you think about the pic on the side?? Thought it was apropriate because I feel like that sometimes...)

Do you ever get the feeling that it doesn't really matter

All the shit you go through, all the charma you're trying to protect?

You try to be a good person, one with a conscience that actually works

And what do you get?

Backstabbing, sarcastic, egotistical, covered up, downright mean lies

They are thrown at you and you just have to cope with the betrayal

And sorrow of losing faith in yet another so called friend

Every time you hope it will hurt less than the previous times

But it still hurts just the same

When you try to not fight them, but join them

You end up losing yourself and still fall flat on your face taking the fall for them anyway

It's amazing how far you can get in this world by being a monster and less and less human

But then again the worst monster is well known 

It is mankind

When you split up the word you get man and kind

In reality that hardly ever matches up doesn't it?

Where can you find that little relief for your pain

You quit cigarettes years ago

You've got a child and won't let yourself get too wasted on alcohol because that would be setting too bad an example

It's so scary raising a child in this fucked up world

But there are still a few ways to find a little light in your life

For the book nerd there are the transcripts of the great thinkers and people with great imagination

For people who have nothing, they use their own fantasy to escape

Music can also be a safe haven

For some God or Allah is the answer

For me? When I see the joy in my daughters sea blue eyes

I feel the miracle of Gaya flowing through every living thing and I am honoured to be alive and kicking

So I will keep kicking, cussing and screaming, not letting all those scared shitless, without selfconfidence, moronic people take me down without a massive fight!


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