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Niall was just going to apply a second layer of the shiny black nail paint when Harry's voice stopped him mid-action. He frowned, looking at his almost dried nail paint and groaning internally. He couldn't believe that his boyfriend was calling his name out so loudly as if he wanted the entire world to hear it just when Niall was finishing with his nails. Everything good does come to an end and his perfect nails just happened to be the victim of this. 

"What the fuck is it?" He called out extremely loudly, knowing fully well that Harry had already entered the room. The blonde kept his head down, pretending to focus on his thumb which was drying quite slowly as compared to the other fingers. He could almost feel his sexy boyfriend standing their in the most amazing red floral suit which Niall himself had picked out for the tall man, while rolling his eyes. Harry's so fucking cute like that. 

"I want you to stay in your room and not even step a foot outside of it, alright? Not until I tell you that it's okay to come out," The curly haired brunette placed a firm hand on his boyfriend's cheeks before squishing them together so Niall looked like a blow fish opening his mouth for water. Harry's weird like that as well. 

"You're not my boss," Niall slapped Harry's thighs harshly before squeezing his crotch way too tightly to be considered comfortable and sighed when Harry finally let his cheeks be free. His mind went back to Harry's strange request. Never had the brunette told him to stay put somewhere and the moments when he had tried, well let's just say that Niall had duplicate keys of all the rooms in the mansion and Harry wasn't seen around for two days. So why the fuck was this idiot trying to get himself in another sticky situation when he had already experienced the pain and torture the short, tiny blonde Niall Horan could bring? 

"Babe, I'm serious this time alright? These people are way too dangerous and I'm scared that they'll take you away. You're my only weakness and I can't let them know that," The blonde smiled at the revelation. Well, when his boyfriend put it like that then maybe he would comply but he still had to know the reason first. 

"Why are you scared though? I've been kidnapped and rescued thousands of times. And I'm never going to run away from you, no matter what happens. Don't you know that, Haz?" He wrapped his arms around the taller man, sitting up on his knees from his place on the bed. He could feel his face warming up when Harry leaned forward, pressing a light kiss on his forehead. It was moments like these that made up for all the extra drama Harry's job brought in. Niall wouldn't trade this feeling for anything else in the world. 

"What if one day you get kidnapped and rather than waiting for me to come and rescue you, those people actually pull the trigger? What if you realize that I'm not the right guy for you and walk away? Anything can happen Niall," the sadness in Harry's voice made Niall frown. He couldn't be serious! Why would his very own clown of a boyfriend think such negative thoughts? Niall had already planned their wedding and ten kids in his mind so what gave Harry the idea that he was going to walk away anytime soon? 

"You're an idiot. Nobody's going to pull the trigger on me. They're too scared to mess with the great Harry Styles," He chuckled lightly, frowning when Harry continued to look sad. 

"This scar on your stomach, it's there because I was two minutes late. That time when you had fractured ribs? It was because I was too caught up in handling my men that I couldn't stop that guy from punching you again and again. That time when you couldn't get up from the bed for a whole month? That happened because I couldn't make it-," Niall placed his painted fingers on the brunette's lips, hoping it would shut him up. Yes he had scars and some really painful moments which he would never forget about but none of them were Harry's fault. All the scars on his body were because of those men who felt that it was okay to harm the innocent. Harry was not to be blamed. At least according to Niall, Harry was innocent. 

"No matter how many times someone hurts me, I'll never leave your side. You should know that by now. It's not that easy to get rid of me Styles," He giggled lightly when a small smile made it's way on Harry's face. "Also, until and unless I get the ten kids I've been dreaming of, I'm not leaving you." 

"Ten?" The brunette asked, chuckling lightly as he pushed his boyfriend back on bed and crawled on top of him. His green eyes stared at Niall's blue ones so lovingly that if anybody else would've seen this scene, they would have cried at how perfect and beautiful they were for each other. 

"Hell yeah and I want our wedding to be in Hawaii," Niall grinned, watching the curly haired brunette press his head deeper into his neck so that his curls were tickling the side of Niall's face. He laughed loudly when a strand touched his nose. 

"Anything my princess wants, he gets," The two stared at each other before breaking away from the moment when someone knocked on the door. Why was it that anytime Niall decided it was okay to have sex with his boyfriend, someone had to ruin the moment? Did the Gods above want him to die a virgin? He groaned loudly before shuffling from underneath Harry's tall frame to open the door. 

"They're here Harry," The man at the door said before taking two steps back. Niall frowned at the way he refused to make any sort of eye contact with him but huffed, giving up on trying and went to pick an outfit out. 

"What are you doing?" Harry asked when he saw the blonde putting on a white blazer on top of his unicorn printed black shirt and white skinny jeans. 

"Going with you. Obviously," The blonde rolled his eyes, applying a light touch of blush on his cheeks and putting his mascara on. He made sure that he looked professional and a bit mature with the dangerous vibe rather than one of those cheap side bitches the mafia keep. Once satisfied with his make up, he smiled at his reflection before putting on his white stilettos and glancing at Harry who was, once again, frowning. 

"I just told you to stay at in the room," The brunette ran a hand through his curly brown locks, hoping just for once that his boyfriend would listen to him. He didn't really have to be so stubborn all the time but if he wasn't, then he wouldn't be the Niall he fell in love with. 

"And when have I ever listened to you?" Harry shook his head, mouthing a small 'never'. He was glad his gang members were downstairs and not in the same room as the couple because if they ever saw him like this, they would surely laugh at his face. He couldn't even make his lover listen to him so how the fuck did he run the biggest gang in London? 

"Exactly. Now let's go boyfriend. We've got some dangerous people to meet," And for the first time in his entire life, Harry wished he knew just how dangerous these people exactly were. 

AN / I love Niall so much. He's exactly like me! I love how horny, stubborn and adorable he is. Ugh, I'm in love with his character even though I'm the one who has created it lol

Any thoughts of whom they are going to meet and what will happen in the meeting? 

Btw, did you guys hear about Harry working in the movie Dunkirk and how he has to get his hair cut for it? I truly hope he chooses to wear a wig or something rather than sacrificing his precious long hair but then again, I do miss the 2013 look. I'm conflicted lol 

Do you think the boys will come back together as band after the hiatus or are you having your doubts already? I would like to say that you should not give up on them. It's alright for artists to try something new and solo projects during their breaks simply because they have to make sure they are in the news and people know about them. That's how the industry works. Moreover, they have to test new grounds and find what all they could possibly try once they actually plan on going solo. But that won't happen for a few years so you guys can relax (in case u were worried). I'm pretty sure they're just testing new waters or something until the hiatus finishes and then they'll be back together as a band. AND OMG, MITAM TOUR IN 2017!!! EEEEK! I AM WAITING FOR THEM TO COME TO INDIA AND I DON'T GIVE A FUCK HOW MUCH MONEY I WOULD HAVE TO SPEND! I JUST WANT THEM HERE! IN FRONT OF MY EYES! I WANT TO MEET NIALL AND HUG HIM FOREVER! AAAAAH! MY ONE AND ONLY DREAM! 








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