7: trust

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It starts off boring sorry! But just wait till the end!!! Thanks by the way guys for supporting my book!

"Let's go swimming!"

"Why" I looked at Jimin who clung to Yoongi.

"I just want to!" He looked a little red I knew what was up.

"Want to see Yoongi shirtless."

"Ahh" Jimin hid behind Yoongi. Trying to hide his bright red face.

"Taking a swim won't be bad it'll help with our stiff muscles." Taehyung shrugged and walked off into our room.

Our room. Sounds weird.
Our roommmmmm. Nah.
Ourrr roommmyyyy. Fuck.

It sounds weird.

"I'll get ready!"

"Yay lets get ready!"
Jimin ran to their room dragging poor Yoongi along with him.

I waltz into my room and saw Taehyung taking his shirt off.

I couldn't help but stare he had a nice body.

"If you come closer you can take a closer look."


I jumped back a little hitting my back on the dresser.

"Just get ready."


Quickly rummaging threw my clothes. I found my swimming shorts and a white shirt to wear till we got there.

"Perfect" I cried out.



"Did I say anything in my sleep."

I looked at his face.
It was as expressionless as stone.



He turned around.

Later we arrived at the lake.

"All of this to ourselves great!" Jimin ran in the water splashing Yoongi.

Yoongi ran in to splash Jimin.

I took my shirt off and walked to the water. I stepped into the the warm water.

"feels great!"

"Watch out!"

Jimin yelled splashing me with water.

We played in the water when I got hungry.

"I'll got eat the snack we packed."


I looked up and saw Taehyung laying in the ground his arm over his eyes.

His chest rose and fell steadily.

Why didn't he join us?

"Yeah Taehyung wake up!" I lightly tapped him.

"Who is it?"

His voice was so deep and husky I felt a shiver  up my spine.


He removed his arm showing me his eyes.

"Wanna eat?"

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