Chapter:3. Home

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Jaylie's POV:
Justin let me out of the car and I looked up and saw the biggest house I have ever seen. It's so freakishly big. "Wow" I said as I hopped out of the car. I did not land on my feet though. I was so weak, I landed on my back.
"Are you okay?" Justin said. " Owie" " Here let me help you". He said as he carefully picked me up in his strong arms. Justin grabbed the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. The house looked even more bigger on the inside! As I looked around, Justin took me to his bedroom. I assume it's his bedroom at least.  He set me on the comfy bed with big pillows. " I will be right back" he said. I nodded. Justin left me in the room by myself.

Justin's POV

I left Jaylie in the room by herself. I went to go see if I could find some of Jazzy's clothes that she left here last time she came to visit. I found a hot pink shirt with a blue " J" on it and some yellow pajama pants. I'm assuming that we won't go out of the home until later so I guess this will have to do. I get a clean pair of underwear that jazzy also left here. I started to head back to my bedroom.

Jaylie's POV:

I saw Justin coming back in the room with clothes for me. Good. I was getting sleepy and very impatient.
Justin came in the room and picked me up. Man I felt so safe and secure in his arms.
Justin took me to the bathroom and started the water in the bathtub.He placed me on the toilet seat. He undressed me very carefully. The pain shot though me. I winced. " it's okay" Justin said. He saw the bruises on my arms and belly. He stared at them. " mmmmmmm" he said. He turned off the water because it was getting full. He placed me in the water. It burned so much. I started crying.

Justin's POV
   I put Jaylie in the bathtub and she started to cry. No not cry. I mean full on sobbing.😭 . I quickly pulled her out. "Oh honey" I said I cradled her in my big, strong, tattooed arms. " How bout we skip the bath tonight" I said as I pulled the drain. Jaylie nodded "Alright then" I walked back into the bedroom making sure I grabbed her clothes and some band aids. I put Jaylie on my bed and saw that she had fallen asleep in my arms. I smiled as I piled her pants and her shirt off and put Jazzy's old clothes on her. I threw her dirty clothes in the washer. I looked at the clock. 11:30 pm I tucked Jaylie in my bed and got in there with her. I turned on the T.V watching Netflix. What to watch. Hmmmmmmm. I decided on ( A/N one of my favorite movies) Zoolander 2. I watched my dramatic death scene. Until I fell asleep with Jaylie in my arms.


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