Chapter 2

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Hermione frowned at the sight in front of her, but internally she was grinning like a madman. That's the signal. The path that was being covered by the tent was moving, slithering to be more precise. It had been raised and resembled a large snake. It was a tarmac basilisk and it was attacking something. Walking further forward Hermione could see a faint and fading outline of a lion, it seemed to be growing weaker as the seconds ticked by.

"Hermione!" Harry gasped and he tried to stop her from going forward. "Don't get too close. It has attacked anything that went near it. It almost killed Rogers."


"One of the muggle-born aurors. I don't want you to get too close to it. It could kill you, 'Mione." Hermione cringed again and titled her head to the left.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine." Walking forward, as if in a trance, Hermione knelt down beside the basilisk. Harry whimpered slightly, fearing for his friend's life.

"Hermione, it is a basilisk. You should look at it through a reflection." Hermione ignore him and held out her hand, forgetting or not really caring that there were others in the room.

The basilisk stopped attacking the lion and gazed wearily at the outstretched hand. It stared for a second at the owner of said hand and slithered towards Hermione. After pausing cautiously, it touched it's head to Hermione's hand and allowed itself to get stroked, similar to a way a cat would from it's doting owner. Harry watched in slight horror as he heard the basilisk purring when Hermione started to speak to it quietly. Harry strained to hear what she was saying, but was unsuccessful. Hermione suddenly tensed as she saw, out of the corner of her eye, Harry lean forward when she started talking to the giant snake.

"It's not going to attack me, you know." Hermione drawled. "I don't need a body guard."

Harry huffed a bit at that and left the tent, but still guarded the entrance. As soon as Harry had gone, Hermione went back to the basilisk. Hermione spoke in a low hissing noise.

"Kill it." The basilisk nodded slightly and went for the unforgiving and merciless attack on the weak lion.

Outside the tent, Harry felt a bit weak suddenly. He felt like a small part of him had died. He peaked inside the tent, to find Hermione walking towards him.

"What happened?" He asked her.

"The basilisk grew tired of me and went back to the lion." Hermione shrugged. "Once the lion had died, the whole thing disappeared. I think if you looked past me, you'd see a normal path." Harry did exactly that, as Hermione stepped to the side, and found an empty and normal path. Harry still felt a bit dizzy.

"Hermione, I don't feel so good. Could you tell the rest of the aurors to go back after they've tidied up here?' Hermione tilted her head, silently questioning him. "Ginny will be able to give me something to fix the sudden wave of dizziness..." Hermione nodded and walked off, without saying another word.


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