Chapter Two

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"So, what's up with Christian?" I asked, genuinely curious. I was sitting next to Lissa on her couch, eating over greased pizza rolls. "What do you mean?" Lissa asked, voice soft and puzzled. "Well, besides the fact that he always acts like he's in a hurry lately, he hasn't been spending much 'quality' time with you."

"How would you know how much 'quality' time we have?" She looked at me, one eyebrow perfectly arched.

"Liss, come on, it's me. I may not be able to slip into your head anymore-" I took note of the uncomfortable look on her face as I mentioned that, "but it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to know how much you're having sex lately." Lissa's cheeks tinged pink at my blunt statement. "Face it, I'm around you practically all the time. You guys haven't got it on in at least two weeks."

"Rose!" Lissa exclaimed, the color in her face reddening. I laughed at her embarrassment, "Come on, spill it Queeny." She grimaced at the nickname. "What's up with you two?"

"Nothing, really. I- I've just been so busy with all this queen stuff and Christian, well he's been applying to colleges. Plus, he works with Mia and Jill on his off time." I scanned her face skeptically.

"What else?" I asked, knowing there was a bigger reason. But she continually denied it. I sighed. It was times like these when I really missed our bond. I hadn't completely adjusted to living without it. "Seriously Rose, stop worrying." She gave me a reassuring smile. "Fine," I said, shoving the last pizza roll in my mouth and talking over it. "but I still think you're keeping something from me." She shrugged her shoulder and picked up the remote, flipping through channels aimlessly.

It was odd, sitting with her like this so casually--eating pizza rolls and watching television. We lived like this a lot in the two years we spent out away from the academy. At St. Vladimir's, we could hardly find the time for tv. What, with training and school, socialite events and things. I processed the thought in my mind. Lissa looked at me, "What is it?" She asked, realizing the dazed looked in my eyes. I smiled at her, "I'm eating greasy food and watching tv with the queen." She laughed, and for a moment I wondered if late Queen Tatiana and Pricilla Voda had ever had moments like this.

That's how we spent most of the day, talking and just having a good time. It was nice to get a break from the real world, and I'm sure Lissa didn't mind feeling like a normal eighteen year old girl for once--well, as normal as it can get for a vampire.

I left her apartment and headed toward mine. Our building's were side by side and there was even a connecting hall so that she could access me without exposing herself to the sun or any threats. I always took the outdoor route, however. I loved soaking up the sun while I could, even if it was just for a few moments. I unlocked the gate that guarded my door, then unlocked the door itself and walked into the foyer. A shower sounded great, as well as getting out of my guardian uniform for the night.

I walked through the living room area, tossing my keys on the coffee table. Upon entering my room, I pulled out my stake and placed it under my pillow as usual. I pulled my hair down from its messy ponytail and took off my nazar and jacket. I was unbuttoning my top and walking toward the closet when a voice startled me to attention.

"Little dhampir." I turned around to see Adrian standing in the door way. "Adrian? What- what are you doing here? How did you even get in?" I was a little put off by his presence-to say the least-especially after the argument we'd had nearly a month ago. It was the worst break up I'd ever had to deal with and I hadn't seen him since.

Adrian shrugged casually, as if it weren't a big deal. "I have my ways. You're not the only one who can sneak into places." His joking banter caught me off guard, and suddenly I felt very angry.

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