Chapter 33

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Alec's p.o.v

A baby girl. She's going to be my princess.

"Alpha, I think we should do this another day" Liam pulling me out of my thoughts

"I'm having a baby girl!" I exclaimed and he nodded

"Congratulations Alpha. But you told us, about 15 times" someone said at the back.

"Oh. You all leave. I'm going to go to Emily. Liam sort them all out" I smiled and walked out of the office.

I walked upstairs to our room, and walked inside to see it was empty.

"Emily? You in the bathroom?" I asked sitting down on the bed.

When I got no reply, I got up and opened the bathroom door to see it was empty.

I turned around to see the window opened. I walked towards and saw a paper stuck on the wall next to it.

I'm sorry Alec but I'm leaving.
I don't want to be your weakness, I want you to be happy. Ever since I have come into your life, I've seen you be more careful. More aware of things. I want you to live your life in peace, and not worrying about me. I do love you Alec, a lot, but I don't want to be a burden on you. I want you to happy, not sad with me. I want you to live a normal life, a happy life.
I am sorry Alec, but I don't want to be a weakness.

What the fuck! She's not my weakness. You didn't let me finish what I was saying Emily. You're also my strength.

"Liam!" I shouted running to the door.

"What do you want Alec?" He groaned from the bottom of the steps.

"Emily, she ran away! We need to get her back! Call all the tracker, and make them look for her. I'm going" I ran down the steps,and out the castle.

Emily! She's gone! Chase yelled

I fucking no that! I yelled back and shifted into my wolf. I ran straight to the forest, the only way out.

When I felt a bond break, I thought it was only one of the guards stepping out of the territory.

We're on our way Alec Liam mindlinked me and I ran faster.

Emily's p.o.v
1 year later!

"Em! Hurry up!" Linda exclaimed and I nodded

"I'm coming!" I exclaimed back holding Mia in one hand and following Linda.

"We're already late" she shook her head sitting in the car. I put Mia in her baby seat and sat in the passangers seat.

"Ready to go?" Linda asked and I nodded

"Yep!" She nodded and drove out of our apartment car park.

"You know Joe is not going to be mad?" I asked looking at her and rubbing my hands together.

"Cold?" She asked putting the heating on in the car.

"Freezing!" I muttered warming my hands up

"Welcome to England love! You've been here for a year now, and you still find it cold!" Linda shook her head parking outside Joe's diner.

"I lived in a hot place. This is too cold. I can't believe it snowed last night as well" I muttered getting out of the car and wrapping my coat around me tighter.

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