BOBBY ~ Dried mango

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Note: I don't know why I made this I'm laughing


I opened my eyes while yawning. I checked the clock and it's 4 in the morning. It's still kinda dark and windy.

Suddenly, I felt my stomach crave for dried mangoes. I looked at Bobby and he is peacefully sleeping with his hands wrapping around my waist. And he is sleeping with his mouth half open. How adorable.

My stomach roared, screaming for dried mangoes. Oh no. This is happening when a woman is pregnant. Suddenly craving for a food. I hate morning sickness. But why dried mangoes? Ugh.

I can't even wake Bobby up cause he is extremely tired. I'll just ruin his peaceful sleep.

"Uuugh damn. I really want dried mangoes." I whispered to myself. My tongue wants to taste dried mangoes in the middle of the morning. Why now? Me and Bobby still wants to sleep. But I'm freakin' craving for it.

"_______? Why are you awake? You okay?" He asked, scratching his small eyes. He cupped my face and tried to look at me. I bit my lip, not knowing what to answer.

"Bobby uhm, I want dried mangoes. I think I would die if I won't eat it right now. Bobby please buy me a mango." I said while shaking his arms. He chuckled, showing his hot eye smile.

"I'll change myself first. I think the nearest supermarket is already open. Wait me okay?" He stood up and removed his white shirt. A topless Bobby is now in front of me. I already see his body many times but my saliva is still flowing everytime he's topless.

He wore his hoodie and messed his hair. And that even make him more hotter af.

"Now you're craving for me _______? Just kidding. I'll go now. Gidaryeo!" He kissed my forehead and quickly went downstairs. I heard his car engine's roaring outiside.

My stomach roared again. My first baby wants dried mangoes. Actually we both want it.

"You naughty baby." I said to myself and smiled. He is so naughty like his daddy. What if he'll grow up and became a rapper just like Bobby? Oh, that would be awesome.

After some minutes of being alone, the rain poured down. I can even see the lightning from our room.

I want to call Bobby cause I'm freakin' worried. But I think he is driving right now.

"Bobby please go home now. I need you more than that dried mango." I said with a cracking voice.

The door suddenly opened and I saw Bobby all wet.

"Sorry if I took so long. I need you too so eat this right now!" I chuckled. He handed me a plate of dried mangoes and took a bite.

"Change your clothes! You might catch colds." I said to him. He sat beside me and stared at me.

"I said change your clothes! Don't be such hard headed mister Kim Jiwon." I said while still chewing. He smiled at me. A hot smile.

"I want you to change my clothes. I'm tired. Pretty please?" We both chuckled. I hate him being hot. It makes my feeling hot too.

"Later. After I eat." I chuckled and smiled. I leaned my head on his shoulder while still eating.

"Thank you. I love you Bobby." I quickly kissed his cheeks and leaned on his shoulder again. He just kissed my head and spoke,

"I love you more. Next time I'll bring all of the fruits in case of emergency." He joked and caressed my hair.


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