Comming Back

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I smiled at the thought of seeing my family and Ex boyfriend and only man I will ever love again. I though everything I know to Matthew. He really did surprise me tho. I wouldn't tell anyone out there to be a gangster. Anyway today my family and friends are throwing a party since I'm seeing them after quite a time and taking on the family business. I wonder if he moved on...I hope not, what if did? No no...he would wait...then again He's Mark. I dont know him anymore. I looked up and seen familar faces. Mom dad and Tyron with Sharon. Aldric and Kriss with Mark...and one more girl blonde and lovely eyes. She was in arms with Mark. Is she his girlfriend? I though as my mom and dad hugged me. I spoke to Aldric and Luke. Finally stopped in front of Mark. He looked so...different. He was so oh I don't know. " change huh!" I said wanting to hug him. "Yea...a lot has changed. By the way this is Emma My Girlfriend" he said looking at her and kissing her temple. "Oh...Hi! I'm Rachel-" I was cut off by her "Hm! Well I know who you are...all I can say is you're heartless for leaving Mark like that and thank you becaus Hes all mine now" she said and she knew everything I smiled a bit as she pulled him away. My heart ached, everything after that was a blur. It's all my fault. I should have never gone...she's good for him. I can't let him down again. A day at the local bar should help...I left my own party and went to the bar and had I don't know how much I drank. I stumbled on the way back when a car stopped besides me "Drinking you're pain away...never took you for someone who would do that" said a familat voice. I looke at the car Mark. Looking at him brought tears to my eyes "Markey...why did you have to move on...without me" I said in my drunk state tears falling down my face. He stopped the car and carried me in putting me in the back. The ride was silent...he carried me up to his room and then all I know is Mark saying something to me.
I woke up with a pounding head ache. "Ow! Ugh where is the painkiller!" I said but soon realized that I wasn't in my room. Soon enough Mark came in with water and a pil. I took it and looked at him. "Do you still love me?" he asked suddenly I looked at my hands "I do...i still love you" I said and felt tears well up in my eyes. I blinked them away "Good! Now you know how I felt when you left me" he said and looked ne dead in the eyes. There was no love all there was anger. I felt so sick and sad. "Get out of my house quick!" he said in a rude tone...i deserve it.
I hurried out of his house, the memories we shared rushed in my head. I ran and stopped not knowing where I was tried to call my family but there was no network. I tried to find where I was. Perfect Heart broken and lost exactly what I fucking need right now. I walked down the street looking around. Most of the houses looked abandon. I walked and then suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped but turned slowly ready to was just a guy with his dog. Phew! Quite a cute dog...i bend down and pet him. He reminded me of Mark's dog Truffel. I stood up and looked at the man "Hey...are you lost...cause you look lost" he asked me. He seems quite nice but who knew. I told him where i lived and he guided me. If it wasn't for him I'd still be lost. "I'm Adam Quinn and this is Roxy. And you are?" he asked before I got in the bus. He gave me a cute smile holding Roxy in his arms. "Rachel...Maybe I'll see you again?" I said getting into the bus and waved at him. I sat down. Looking out the window.

I wonder if Mark will love me again

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I wonder if Mark will love me again...I would do anything to get him back except be the reason for Mark and Emma's break up. I got off at my stop and walked into my house. My mom and dad already gone for a vacation. The house felt so cold. I lived with so many people that now the once similar cold home felt to big for one person.
I walked into my room seeing all the pictures I had of Mark and me...I belly flopped on thr bed and closed my eyes letting the darkness take over.

Sorry it took long but I'm so in love with this story that I just had to publish this now. There may be slow updates because I'm also writing one more story so support me and thank you

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