Tiny Klaine Stories: Take me as I am (part3)

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Take me as I am (Part3)

**Blaine's P.O.V**

As Brad started to talk like a sweet father, anger rushed all over my body, I felt my fist wanting to hit his face. I felt my leg wanting to kick him. I just wanted to kill him! He was the person that ruined my boy friend's happiness, the one that made him have a night mare. I just can't be nice to anyone who hurts Kurt. I took a step toward him, pressing my lips together so hard. I was ready to punch him in the face when Kurt ran towards the stairs & then I had no other choice than to run after him. We ran upstairs & when reached my room, he went to the furthest corner & started to pace the floor saying:"Oh my God... Oh my God...Oh my God..."

_:"Kurt!! Keep calm!" I said trying to sound brave.

_:"He's found me! Your father knows nothing about who he really is, he'll let me go with him. Blaine... I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME WITH THAT MONSTER!" He said, his voice shaking, tears running down his cheeks.

_:"We'll figure something out, I won't let him take you that easy. How did he find you anyway?"

_:"F-Finn must have told him." He stuttered, still crying.

_:"Aw, big girls don't cry!" We both jumped after hearing Brad's voice & looked across the room at him, standing in the door way with crossed arms. Kurt looked terrified. His porcelain face looked more pale than ever -if that's even possible- & his eyes were wide open.

_:"I'm not coming with you." Said Kurt, looking at Brad with disgust.

_:"Then I'll make you come!" Brad replied, an ugly smirk forming on his face. As he took a step toward Kurt & I watched Kurt took one back, I just jumped in his way.

_:"Over my dead body!" I said through gritted teeth. He looked at me like I was a pigeon, smiled & said:"As you wish!" Everything after that happened so fast. His fist came my way & I ducked so he hit the air instead of my face & soon after that, I kicked him in his stomach, making him angry enough to catch my leg & make me loose my balance & so I fell on my back &...


**Kurt's P.O.V**


Blaine's head hit the edge of his night stand with the loudest noise possible.

_:"BLAIIIIIIINE!!!" I ran over to him & found him unconscious.

_:"What was that noise?" Yelled his father from downstairs. I couldn't reply him, couldn't tell him that my uncle has done this to his son & now he's unconscious.

_:"You did this!!" I sniffed. Brad looked a little bit... Scared? Yea he was scared. Well, if there was any body else, they would be scared too. He might have done something real serious to an innocent teenage boy. He can go to jail for that.

_:"Oh my God!!!! Blaine!!!" I screamed, coming back to the real world. Then kneeled beside his body & started shaking his shoulders. I was too busy trying to wake him up that I didn't even notice Brad running out of the room & the house.

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