Almira Theia Demilton

"I can't hold it Al,I m giving up.The mark.It hurts so much.I cant hold it.You have to call Luna Claire."
Theia whined and with that there came an intense wave of pain which made my whole body hurt.

I gave out a loud scream because of this pain.

The door came crashing down and Luna Claire came running to help me.

"Its okay, Princess.The pain will go.Dont worry baby.Get up.I ll take you to your bed." Luna Claire caught my hand made me lie on my bed.

"Luna Claire why the hell is it happening to me only? My chest hurts alot.Everything hurts.It hurts too much.Theia gave up.Why is it happening? It hurts so much." I didnt even know that I was crying.

The pain was so intense that I couldn't bear it.It was happening ever since i turned 16.

And now that I am 19, it is worse than the pain you get when you are in your heat.

"I just cant use our powers to heal us.This pain has a very deep internal source.And I cant find it Al.Is it that our mate who is causing it?" Theia asked me.

The pain was receding somehow and it felt like it was taking Eternity to fade away.

By the time it faded..I found myself sleeping on Luna Claire's lap.

"Luna Claire why can't I go out with other pups then shift and play with them?" I whined at Luna Claire.

She never allowed me to shift in front of anybody if its not her or Alpha Taylor.

"Baby Al, its dangerous out there for a princess like you.You have the strongest and most beautiful white wolf with amazing superman powers!!
You should learn to protect it princess." Luna Claire pulled me in for a motherly hug.

"Luna Claire, how is that you and Alpha Taylor are not my parents but still are my parents?" I arched my eyebrow up and thought about it.

"Even though you are not my real child but still you are my child. And I love you so much.You should never forget that princess." Luna Claire kissed my forehead.

"And why is that you always call me princess? Look I dont even look like a princess. And I have these weird violet eyes and a weird name." I twirl around and point at myself.

"No princess.I promise you that you will be the most beautiful woman anyone has ever seen baby.." Luna Claire pats my head and I hug her legs.

"And you will break so many hearts when you ll grow up and den one day your mate will come in your life who will take you away and show you a more beautiful world which is out there.But when he tries to break your heart, I ll...." Suddenly Luna Claire it interrupted by my Alpha Taylor.

"I ll beat the shit of him who tries to break my princess's heart.Right Claire?" Alpha Taylor wrapped his arms around Luna Claire's waist and swirled her around.

"Alpha Taylor. What is a mate?" I asked him.

"Well he is someone like me to your Luna Claire.He would kiss you.He would love you.He would cook food for you.He would make you laugh.He would make you cry.He would...oh Damn..the list will go on and on and on.." Alpha Taylor sighed and scratched his head.

"But how will I come to know that his is my mate?" I asked him anxiously.

"Princess,You have a this amazing black star on your neck? Your mate will have the same black star on his nech too. When you will see him..." Alpha Taylor started again and this time Luna Claire interrupted him.

"Baby dont you think this is a bit too early princess Almira to know about Mates? She is just 10 years old Darling.She has more than 6 years now to know more about mates." Luna Claire pinched Alpha Taylor's cheek.

"Okay so now princess go to sleep its too late.Good Night Princess Almira Theia Anderson." Luna Claire and Alpha Taylor kissed my forehead and switched off my room's lights.

"Night Alpha and Luna."
And with that I fell asleep.

"Good morning sleepy head!! Cmon man get up Al.God its already 5 in the evening.Dude the Annual Mating Ball starts at 8." Kira, Alpha Taylor and Luna Claire's daughter, my only friend whom I am allowed to be hangout and shift, tries to wake me up.

"Yeah yeah...I should just get up before you pull me out of my bed." I yawn and stretch a lil'bit.

I whimper in pain when I realise how sore my body becomes after such attacks.

"C'mon.!!!Get up. Get your goddamn butt out of your bed and take a nice bubble bath. Wax. Until then I ll find a nice outfit which you will wear tonight." And with this she literally started digging in my walk in closet.

I sighed and just got into my bathroom.

I quickly brushed and took a nice bubble bath.I dried myself and wrapped a towel around myself.

I got out of the bathroom and saw something terrible.

My whole room was turned into a make up room.

"Al, its perfectly alright right? Because today we might find our mate.Right? This worth it na?"
Theia tried cheering me up.

"But I am nervous alot ya.I just hope this Ball goes well without any obstacle.And yeah, I want to find my mate today..." I give my wolf a nice thumbs up in my pretty little head.

"Thank God you made it in time.Yeah I am sorry. In matter of some 20 minutes I turned your room a frecking makeup room." Kira took a look around my room and sighed.

"Nah its perfectly fine.As long as I find my mate, everything is alright." I reassure her.

"Yeah I am pretty excited too.What is we both find our mates today? Wouldnt that be so perfect?" Kira said that and may have started dreaming it.

"C'mon now please just help me to get ready and then I will help you too." We both started getting ready for this ball.
And this is how I totally forgot about my pain and longing for a mate.

How is it?

I know there are so many mistakes but I ll correct it soon.

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~Alessandra Wilson

Published- 10th May 2016

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