Kales P.O.V.

"Hey can you pass the salt?" I feel Brendon kick me from under the table. " Hello... the salt."

I quickly look up from playing in my food. " Damn man... what?"

Brendon quickly reaches across the table with his shirt sleeve hanging in my plate and grabs the salt." I got it now. Why are you acting so strange?"  Brendon goes to take a bite of his hashbrowns but his plate is hanging to far off the edge of the table so his plate falls over in his lap. " Shit!" He picks up his plate and a few pieces of bacon and sets it back on the table.

I watch Brendon as he starts eating his hashbrowns off of his lap. " I don't know what you're talking about." I shove my last few bites of bacon in my mouth and scoot my plate to edge of the table. " We should get going. I see Saline hanging out across the street."

Brendon quickly starts grabbing handfuls of food off his lap and shoving bits in his mouth as he stands up. " Doesn't that woman ever take a damn day off?" He throws money on the table as we both rush out the door.

Saline sees us walking across the street and she quickly takes off around the corner. I know she could'nt have gone to far because I have chased her plenty of times before and she's not very fast. Once we cross the street we walk around the corner and I lean against the dumpster. I know her ass is in there. " Saline... get your ass out of the dumpster. I'm not jumping in there to get you, but I'm pretty sure my partner here will. I've seen him dig in the garbage for the last piece piece of pizza once.. and he ate it. Don't test him."

Brendon hits me in the side. " Hey.. I thought I told you never to tell anyone  about that, it was one time." He holds up his index finger to me and points at it. " One time Kale." Then he shrugs his shoulders and lifts the lid to the dumpster. " I'm coming in to get your over paid filthy butt. I hope you shower before your next client." Brendon leans over the dumpster and starts gagging. " You better buy me dinner later."

I laugh at him as he swings one leg over and gets stuck. " Sure... dinner." I walk over and push him the rest of the way in. " How the hell did a hooker with heels manage to get in the dumpster but you need help?"  I look over the dumpster as Brendon struggles to get up. Gross!!

Brendon walks over to the middle of the huge dumpster and looks down at Salines hand that is sticking out from under a dirty old blanket. Saline slowly pulls her hand back to try to cover it. Brendon laughs and then snatches the blanket off to reveal Saline laying there with her eyes closed and her mouth open. Brendon pokes her in the side of the head. " Get your ass up."

Saline  opens her eyes and frowns. " What the hell do you guys want? I was taking a damn nap. I don't come to your house and disturb your fine asses when you're sleeping, so why must you come to mine?"

Brendon picks Saline up and hands her over the dumpster to me. " We know that your ass wasn't sleeping. We just saw you trying to hustle some old big guy."

Saline sits on the ground and crosses her legs. " I swear you mother fuckers are everywhere. How do you expect me to make my damn money so that I can eat. " She points down at her body. " I need to feed this sexy body."

I gag at the sight of her and at the smell of Brendon as he crawls his way out of the dumpster and stands next to me. " I don't know... how about get a job." I reach over and grab a piece of what looks like chicken off of Brendons back. I watch Saline as she grabs a lighter out of her bra and lights a half of a cigarette that she must of found on the ground.

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