In the Denali living room was fourteen vampires lounging around. In a corner sat Eleazar and Carmen snuggled up in a loveseat feeling contentment.

Tanya, Kate and Irina was chatting amongst themselves on the couch not really caring who heard them. This was their house after all.

Rosalie was sitting on Emmett's lap reading a magazine while he played on his PSP. Receiving a smack upside his head for every load outburst. How the handheld game was still holding up to his strength was impressive yet should he impossible.

Jasper and Alice was sitting next to each other. His arm wrapped around her shoulder as his head leaned on the back of the couch. He was feeling so relaxed not being able to feel how everyone else was feeling for once. It unnerved him yes, but he was still enjoying the moment for all that it was worth. Alice had a sad smile on her face lost in her thoughts. She was thinking of her best friend that she lost. All the times they've spent together. Laughing. Joking around, shopping or just laying down together. It's been so long since any visions of Bella has become black. No matter how hard she tried it never changed. Which only led her to believe one thing. That Bella was....... dead. Her best friend was gone. She needed her and she was not there for her. Some best friend she was!

Edward was having a heated argument with Carlisle. Whispering to soft for the others to hear. Or so they thought. They did not know that Isa's hearing was more acute than other vampires and heard everything they were saying. Taking everything in, biding her time.

Jane and Isa was taking this time to get to know their new daughter Rya. They found out that she is from Switzerland and lived on the streets for a year before she was turned. She absolutely loved techno music and had a punk rock kind of fashion sense. They also told her more about themselves. Isa already told her about herself and who she really was when they were in the woods alone yesterday.

All of a sudden Isa went stiff getting weird looks from the others. Looking around the room Isa noticed that there was one vampire missing.

"Where is Esme?"

"She went out hunting an hour ago. She wanted to be alone." Alice decided to be the one to speak up. Isa chose not to ask her why and instead just read her mind. What she found saddened her. Esme left because she was remembering all the times her had with her. Through Alice's mind Isa saw every time Esme broke down in grief at the memory of her. Some days she could handle it but others was just to much for her. It pained Isa to know she was making her go through this.

"What does it matter to you. You said it yourself. Your not obligated to protect us." And their is Rosalie's bitchy mood coming in full swing. Isa wondered if she ever got tired of keeping up that mask of hers. "Well some of y'all are an exception to that. Besides I'm getting a really bad feeling and she is not here. So I would greatly appreciate it if y'all can be quiet so I can find her." Not waiting for an answer Isa closed her eyes and concentrated.

"Wait. How do you expect to find her if your just standing there?" "It's one of her gifts. She can locate anyone she know and see what they are doing in that exact moment. Now shut up Emmett before she rips your head off." Jane nonchalantly said paying close attention to her mate. She could feel the panic rolling of of her.

All of a sudden Isa growled and vanished. There was no trace of her. One second she was there. Then the next she was gone

"Where did sh-" Carlisle Pike it cut off by a loud thunderous boom resounding across the forest. The two covens followed when Jane and Rya ran out the door. "Where the hell are we going!?" "I don't know about you, but I'm going to Isa. There is only one way she would be able to disappear like that and it's not good. When we get to where she is... Do not get close to her or Esme or you will die."

Isa was kneeled besides Esme, hovering over her fragile form. Her body was littered with cracks.

She hesitantly touched her face. Instantly regretting it when Esme flinched in pain.

"This is all my fault... I-I'm so sorry. I'm the reason you went out alone. I was supposed to protect you.... But I couldn't even do that." Isa hunched over Same. Her head gently resting on her chest. "Please hang on a little longer. I can't lose you." Isa sobbed into her chest. With all the strength she could muster, Esme raised her hand, placing it on Isa head to offer some comfort. Wake knew she wouldn't live part this. The damage to her body was just to great. She was sad that she would be leaving her family but also happy that she would now be able to be with the daughter she had failed.

This was the scene the rest walked upon. There was shouts of anger and worry from both the Denali and Cullen covens as they rushed forward trying to get to Esme. They never got close. An invisible force flung them back to the tree line.

Isa now stood crouched over Esme. Eyes a bright crimson as a deadly snarl reverberating from within her chest. A ring of blue flames Surrounded Esme and herself in a protective circle.

"Shut up!" Yelled Jane getting all eyes on her. "I told you fools not to get close to them. And what do you do. You rush in screaming like assess!" Isa's never dropped her guard. Jane slowly decreased the gap between them till she was just before the flames.

"Isa I need you to calm down now. Do you want Rya and Esme to be afraid of you. It will be a repeat of last time. It took the girls a whole week to not be scared of you after they witnesses you killing Maria's army. Don't let that happen again. Esme is fading fast. You are the only one that can save her Isa. Don't fail her."

With each sentence the flames shrunk more and more. Till finally they were gone all together. Taking deep breaths Isa got her frazzled emotions under control.

"Thank you Jane. Your right. I don't want the ones I love to be scared of me." She looked at Rya and then to Esme.

"Can you-" "I'm already on it. Good luck."

The others left reluctantly once they got a taste of Jane's gift leaving Isa and Esme.

"I know this is going to be strange. I will explain later, but I need you to trust me and drink my blood."

Without waiting for a response Isa bit into her wrist and placed her bleeding wrist in Esme's mouth. As soon as the blood hits her tongue she latches on to Isa's wrist, drinking her blood with fever.

With each new mouthful her body healed itself. Once she was fully healed her frantic pace slowed. As the haze cleared from her mind she realized something. The blood she was drinking was familiar.

Esme ripped her mouth away with a start. Her head snapped to gaze into Isa's eyes in disbelief. Isa smiled behind her mask. Feeling happy that Esme was now fully healed. But more so because finally she now knew who she was.

"Bella? But it can't be you. Y-your dead." Esme hesitantly I reached up and slowly remove her mask. Gasping in shock at what she saw. She was looking at the face she thought she would never look at again.

"Hi mom."


Sorry for the wait. This was supposed to be up yesterday but for some reason when I published this it for deleted. The original one had more in it but I was to frustrated to do it all over again so I split it into two parts.

Hope you enjoy!

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