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/-\ alright hello! This is new. Yeah. Ask bill questions and he'll do his best to answer and not try to put you in another dimension where there demons and monsters who wants to eat your soul. Anywho let's began/-\

Bill: wow. That Jack human was boring huh? I mean just reading what he writes wants you to throw yourself in the bottomless pit. Right?

Bill: Anyways, names Bill Cipher!

Bill: so I guess ask me anything. Literally anything. For example "will you take over the world" and the answer of that is simple. I got big plans on the future. Big plans!

Bill: so yeah! Ask me stuff! And I'll answer! That's what a QnA are for, right?

Bill: oh how about we add a little fun into this and put dares? Won't that be a joyful thing to read!

Bill: yeah so go ahead and do your thing.

Bill: now I'm gonna leave!

Bill: Remember! Reality is an Illusion! The Universe Is A Hologram! Buy Gold! Byyyyeeeeeeee!!!

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