JUNHOE ~ Silly daddy

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Note: I write so bad mianhae 😂


The door opened and I saw Junhoe's face all sweaty. It looks like he ran from South Korea going here. He slowly took small steps going towards me with a smile growing on his face.

"I'm speechless... Can I carry her mommy?" he said as I made him carry our new born baby.

I smiled because I can see the extreme happiness from his face. Who wouldn't be happy if your husband is your favorite k-idol from the famous group iKON and you both already have a baby?

"She got my plum lips," Junhoe said under his breath and sat beside me.

"And she looks like her beautiful mother. I'm sure that she will look like you when she grow up. And I'm sure that there will be hundreds of guys running around her just like you when we were teenagers. Well, I won't let them hurt my baby girl. I will protect her like how I protected you, _______." I smiled as a reply. Junhoe really loves to make my heart flutter. I know he would be a great father to our daughter.

"What would you like to name her?" I asked, changing the topic. He deeply think of a name. He even looked at the ceiling and pretending to have a long beard. What a silly daddy.

"C/N. C/N will be her name. Is that nice?" I nodded and laughed. He suddenly cuppped my face and kissed my lips. He does this everytime he is happy.

"I'm gonna tell everyone that my baby is already born. I'm sure my hyungs will be so happy!" Yea, his hyungs would be so happy if they knew. Except for his fans. Lol hahaha.

"I will introduce you to your crazy uncles tomorrow. And I will tell them that you are more beautiful compared to their daughters." He said to C/N while pinching her soft cheeks. She just smiled to Junhoe like an angel. I poked his arms and chuckled. He is trying to be a bitch again. I don't know why did I marry a guy bitchier than me.

"Why you so silly? Our daughter might be like you." I joked. He shook his head while playing with C/N's fingers.

"Nah, our daughter would be like you. And our son would be like me." I was surprised because of his reply. He chuckled in a very sexy way. Sadly cause our first baby is a girl. She has no brother to protect her. But that doesn't matter. She got a very handsome daddy that could protect her.

"Oh, now you're planning to have a baby boy?" I asked. He just smiled. His smile that could already reach his ears.

"Yea. I want 20 babies. 10 girls and 10 boys. Is that okay with you?" I laughed. He ain't serious right? Haha.

"After you get discharged, I will go to the mall and buy the things she needed. And oh!" He faced me and placed C/N between us.

"I already prepared and fixed her room. I put pink stuffs and designed it all pink. I also cleaned our house. I don't want you to catch any dusts." I held his hand and smiled. Tears of joy pour down on my cheeks. His effort makes me wanna cry. How can I unlove Koo Junhoe? Lol, I already know the answer. I CANNOT.

"Your eyes are glimmering. Don't cry cause I will cry too _______!" He acted like he's crying. He looks ugly af that's why I just laughed and stopped myself from being emo.

"You're everything I wanted Junhoe. You are too perfect for a girl like me." I leaned my head on his shoulder while still holding his hand.

"I know that _______. I won't let you want another guy. Cause you are also too perfect to fall for someone that isn't me." He kissed my head and I whispered,

"Such a silly daddy."


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