chapter 19

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Jade's p.o.v 

A little but before she told Perrie she was melested 

See Perrie wasn't a bad person she was just misunderstood and mistreated. Even the prettiest faces like hers have dark secrets. "What about you why don't I see your dad?" I felt a lump in my throat form and almost immediatly tensed up. I didnt want to go back down this dark path again. She ran her fingertips up and down my arm saying "You know I won't judge you Jade" I felt tears beginning to pick at my eyes. When I was 16 my dad was just so neady he needed to be satisfied somehow there was one night where he just snapped. 


It was the middle of the night and I could hear loud noises and crashes coming from across the hall my parents room I didn't think much of it . "Get away from me." I heard my mothers voice yell. I snapped my eyes open immeiatly my heart racing. Was there a robber in our home? "Please stop!!!!" I heard my mother shriek and I jumped out of bed pumped on adrenaline not really thinking about what was happening.I was just wearing my underwear and a tank top not really caring about putting on anything else. I dashed out of my room shoving open my parents room and what I saw was horrifying my dad was cornering my mum into the corner and he began undressing her I could see my my mums eyes shut tightly but tears were streaming down her face her hands clenched tightly as I heard her whimper . My heart stopped. My dad was sexually asulting my mother I had to do something it was like I was glued to the floor paralyzed it was bizzare. "Dad" I said my voice barely above a whisper He turned around that's when I saw his eyes they weren't brown and kind they were black with lust and hungrey. He looked me up head to toe a grin making It's way on his face. I didn't know what he was doing as he stepped closer and closer to me.

It was a couple monthes later and I was stil petrified my dad was taken away to jail a long time before and we had a restraining order making sure he couldn't come near us. I was still mentally unstable about everything how could he do that I'm his daughter. The bullying in school just became rougher and rougher not helping much with my life. My mams taking a lot of part time jobs trying her best to pay the bills for everything but struggling. I wish I could do something. Something to just help her leave but she was just mentally and emotionally scarred as I was. Thats when I promised myself I wouldn't tell anyone about this. 


Present time still Jade's p.o.v 

I knew Perrie wasn't trying to push the answer out of me but she was curious she couldnt help herself. She kissed my cheek "Comeon Jade what's wrong?" I felt the tears begin to leave my eyes as I stuttered my words out "I was melested Perrie.My dad was sexually abusing my mam and he melested me." I began sobbing uncontrolably into Perrie's neck and she wrapped me into a tight hug not really saying anything. Great now she's probably disgusted by me. "Great now you probably despise me" I grumpled getting off the blanket but I felt Perrie grab my wrist pulling me down again. I looked at the ground ashamed of myself I just let the secret that I vowed to stay a secret get out and to Perrie!!! She put her thumb and index finger on my chin pulling it up so I was looking at her."No matter what you tell me Jade I will never despise you . I love you too much to." She whispered the last part before putting her lips on mine kissing me softly so soft i thought like i was on a cloud drifting off somewhere but she pulled away quickly not to my liking. "Enough water works for the day ey?" She chuckled wiping my tears away with her knuckles. I noticed the tears dripping down her chin too. I cracked a smile "Yeah" I chuckled quietly. Perrie looked up at the sky. "It's getting pretty late I should be taking you home now." I nodded as she stood up grabbing my hand pulling me up with her. 


Perrie's p.o.v 

After Jade and I cleaned everthing I took her home. The car ride was silent but it wasnt uncomfortable. We went through a lot today. We both learned something we never thought to know about eachother. It just made you think about how cruel and unfair this world really was who would go that far for something like that and to add onto it it was poor sweet innocent Jade. I tightened my grip on the wheel angrily Jade not really noticing she just seemed to be staring into space. ************************** 

I pulled up into her driveway stopping the engine and looking at her giving her a smile. "Well your at home now" She nodded taking something out of her bag it was a rectangular golden box. I looked at it confused as she handed it to me. Why would she buy me something? I didn't need anything "I just thought it would make up for the necklace so this is like a thank you. open it!" I took off the top and looked inside of it to see a golden charm bracelet. It had a couple hearts on it and one big golden one caught my eye P.E &J.T engraved on it. I smiled. It was sort of like my gift to her. Another charm read. "Love you to the moon and back" (a/n zerrie ^_^) "Do you like it?" She asked anxiously worrying if it was right. I shook my head. "I don't like it" I saw her face fall and she looked at the car floor "I love it" She grinned widely as I pulled her in for a tight hug. I pulled away putting the bracelet on "Well see you at school" She said putting her hand on the car door handle "Wait" I said stopping her she turned to look at me raising an eyebrow curiously "No kiss" I grinned and saw her cheeks go a rosey pink color. She was so cute when she blushed!!!!! "But my mam might be watching." She bit her lip nervously only making me want her even more "You can not just sit there biting your lip and stuff looking fucking adorable and not make me want to kiss you do you know how hard it is to not ki.." I started to ramble but was cut off short as Jade put her hands on my cheeks pulling me closer crashing her lips onto mine.her lips were so soft on mine and i just wanted her even closer. She bit my bottom lip softly teasing me before pulling away leaving me wanting more. A huge smile on her face "That was to shut you up" she got out of the car winking at me and I grinned "Guess I should talk more" she rolled her eyes playfully before she went inside her house. God how I loved that girl. 


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