Chapter 13

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Vs 13 holiday special ( halloween)

I did say it was going to be a treat.

" I want that one. no that one .no that to ugly." I herd Jasmine and James yell over and over. I had ofer to buy them a costume , but I was so busily last months and this month I didn't have Time to take them to get a costume.

But since I felt bad about taking so long I told them my stylist and designer would make them a few options.

So that why I'm here hearing them whine .

" pick one will you " I said annoyed .

" Hey cutie " a husky voice said

" You do know she's only seven right" i ask grinning .

" I'm yeah I see that but no I'm talking about you " he said grinning , as I look closer I see he had green eyes and light brown hair that look like sort of blonde. He look sort of creepy but then he look like all strong and Greek like god.

" well no guy that I met but my friends talk to me since I'm fat " I said looking down , my shirt was XL I put poem bag under to make myself look fat .

This week on Friday my dad was going to tell the world I was going to run his company.

" Your not fat but your very cute , my name is Logan Flames and the guy over there on his laptop is my twin brother William Flames , our dad is your dad bossiness partner " he said pointing to a guy in a chair in frot of a laptop .

" ok nice to met you , um I have to go look like my cousin found their costume " I said and walked away.

Seven hours later

" that was so fun Skyler can we go to one more house"

" no I'm starting school tomorrow , since Blake Academy start in November since most students there ate famous we start late but you Mr and miss have preschool tomorrow " I said and push them in the car

End for the holiday chapy

Lots of love Nina

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