Chapter 13

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Arielle was violently awoken by a harsh kick.

"Wha-what?" She stuttered huskily. Her vision was too blurry to make out the person who assaulted her, she was barely awake.

"Get up," growled Henry.

"What's wrong with you?" Arielle cried out. Yeah she could understand him being angry if she had over slept (being she had absolutely no idea what time it was due to no windows) but there was no need to kick her!

Henry sneered at her. "Rule One: Always be alert."

Arielle narrowed her eyes at the brat. What did this dude have against her? Did someone piss in his Frosty Flakes this morning? Before she could retaliate, her stomach clenched painfully and let out a loud growl. She blushed slightly. Geez, how long has it been since she's eaten?

"Where do we get breakfast?"

"We don't."

Arielle's face crunched up in confusion. "What do you mean we don't?"

"You're the personal assistant to the Assassin. That includes helping on missions and well as anything else she assigns you. You have to train to be the best because you'll only a human fighting off vampires. You'll need to learn to fight in the toughest of situations so you'll be the best."

Well...that made sense she guessed. She'd fought vampires before but only on pure adrenaline. She had no combat skills. She would need to be the best for Selene. However, she was a little suspicious about it. Why would a novice immediately start off in the most extreme situations?

"I mean I guess that makes sense, but why can't--"

Henry cut her off with an low, angry growl and his glare intensified. Arielle reeled back in surprise.

"We don't have all day. Get ready and let's go. Selene has already started her duties of the day and I have my own. I can't spend all day babysitting you."

Arielle glowered but complied with him. This was not how she wanted to start the day. So, she got ready and followed Henry to their training. As we walked through the halls, Arielle saw a bunch of other humans like myself. Wearing all sorts of colors. Red, blue, green. She had asked Henry about it but he just ignored. Brat.

Inside the training room was like giant gym. There was a boxing ring, punching bags, weights, equipment, and a track winding around the entire room.

"So this is the newbie," came a sudden voice behind Arielle.

She jumped around only to find herself nose to chest with the biggest dude she has ever seen. He had tan skin, thick eyebrows, black, curly hair, a straight nose, brown eyes, and thinner lips. Very handsome and not to mention he was buff too. Extremely so. Arielle thought he resembled The Incredible Hulk to a tee.

She gulped visibly as his face spread with a predatory grin. She had a feeling this wasn't going to be fun.


She had been right. Hulk (or Nicoli as he introduced himself) didn't take it easy on Arielle. He had her running miles upon miles of laps, lifting weights, teaching her basic punching and kicking techniques, and tons more. All sorts of stuff he had her doing. By the end she was ready to collapse. Skipping breakfast had only made all of this harder to accomplish. Her body was practically screaming for food.

While at the punching bag, she did finally collapse. Her vision went blurry and her legs turned to jelly. Nicoli was shot to her side, handing her water.

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