Austin Mahone Sad Imagines...

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You & Austin Mahone At Park.

-Austin push you swing-

You: How tour best friend -smile-

Austin: Great -smile- i miss you best friend ! :(

You: -pout- i know i miss you too...

-Austin take your hand run-

You: woah where we go!? please not go rape me!

Austin: -laugh- no , i show you!♥

You: -shocked- so beautiful.... (Tree big near lake & flower lot)♥

Austin: -get knife-

You: not kill me! :(

Austin: -giggles- no i draw tree -draw tree "Y/N + Austin"

You: -smile- awh so cute...

Austin: -smile look at you- your eye so beautiful

You: -smile look at Austin eye-

Austin: -Kiss you-

You: -Kiss Back-

Austin: -smile- be my girlfriend i want we together forever♥ i really love you so much...

You: Love you too♥...

Few Day Later..

Austin: close your eye!

You: -giggles close eye-

-Austin put ur finger ring-

You: -gasp- it beautiful...!

Austin: -smile- it promise ring -kiss you-

You: -kiss back- thank love♥ i gift you -get bracelet for Austin-

Austin: awh -look at bracelet it say (y/n & Austin♥)

Austin: i love it baby!

you: -smile i miss you -pout-

Austin: i miss you too no worried we will text and webcam

You: ok -smile- see ya ! love u! bye!

-Austin Go Plane go tour-

1 Month Later....

Austin Text: Baby i miss you! i were in tour i wish you here see me ! :( xoxo

-You in car drive and look text phone from you-

-You smile text while you drive but...-


Austin: Why my girlfriend not answer me for 1 day.... -worried-

Alex: oh my god..... -yelled- AUSTIN!!!! come!!!

Austin: what -look at news tv-

News tv: Austin Mahone's girlfriend (y/n) crash in road cop found out she text phone then crash....

Austin: -kneel down hold his heart not say any-....

Alex: oh my... oh no....

Austin: -run outside scream cry- NO NOOO NOO PLEASE NOT REAL!!!! -cry- my baby oh my... MY FAULT !!!!!! I SHOULD NOT TEXT HER WHILE SHE DRIVE -cry and scream-

-Few Day Later..--

-Austin Look your bedroom-

Austin: -Look Your Picture of you and Austin-

Austin: -cry look bracelet you was gift him-....

Your mom; not cry Austin... i get my daugther phone i found out what she say to you.... she try sent you but she was crash -gave Austin phone-

-You text say "i know baby i wish i there.... i really miss you i thinking about you all day i alway dream want marry with you and want new kid so bad haha i cant wait soon you come here... hey i did write song for you! i cant wait show you xoxo i love y......"

Austin: -tear- awh... wait where she write paper song for me...?

Your Mom: -get paper from you write song...-

Austin: -read you write song for him-

Austin: -cry- it perfect i wish she here with me....

Next Week...

Austin in tour

Austin: Hey everyone ..... my beautiful girlfriend watch me now... my girlfriend write song for me so i want show you -tear smile- -Austin Look sky- I love you.... -start song - later..He finish song...He say i miss you so much i never forget you you will alway my you beautiul -tear smile-......

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