Chapter 30: Manipulation

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Eredhelil stood in the entrance to the hall, all eyes on her and Deigil. Her mother was so close to Deigil, and she hated seeing the witch touch the girl. Her hands balled up into fists and her anger spiked. The room was silent as the queen caressed Deigil's face, causing small scratches to appear from her claws. 

"Yes, it has Bengil. Are you still torturing your poor guards, or have they rebelled against you as well?" Deigil asked, the question provoking her mother far to much. But, surprisingly the queen kept her calm and only gave the girl a deep cut on her neck, which was less then Eredhelil thought she would. Deigil didn't flinch though, even though there was most definitely pain involved with the slice, she didn't falter from protecting her. Eredhelil wanted to claw her mother's eyes out, and Deigil was really pushing it by calling her mother by her first name. 

"Deigil Aldrilris Shadowmount, the princess of the infamous dark queen. Who would have thought you would actually be alive. All my spies informed me that you and your brother were banished by your mother and brutally murdered by your own court. How did you end up surviving?" Eredhelil saw the girl flinch at the mentioning of her full name. She'd always hated being tied to that court, always hated how she had the title of Shadowmount Princess. 

"How else? I survived because I believed I would, and I didn't rely on controlling others to achieve it." Oh gosh, why was she pushing her buttons? It stressed her out to see the old Deigil come back, to see what she once was. A powerful, well raised, confident, outgoing royal princess. One that would never back down for she was too stubborn to not hold a grudge if she lost. 

"I do sense that you have some allies in this room. But, their not all Original Venus are they?" Her mother asked, glancing around the room, still grasping the girl by her neck. Deigil smiled.

"And what if they aren't all Originals? That doesn't change the fact that they are my allies, and I didn't need magic to have them follow me." Eredhelil glanced around the room at her friends, they were all confused, they hadn't known. They hadn't known who Deigil really was, and now that they did, would they still be her ally? Her mother was being tested, and she saw the woman tighten her hand around the girls neck. Immediately, before she knew it, Eredhelil slapped her mothers hand away and distanced Deigil from the woman. The look of shock on both her mothers and the captain amused her, but at the same time she felt a stabbing pain in her back. But, nothing was touching her, Eredhelil kept her stance, but bit down on her lip to try and stifle a cry. "Ered..."

"Ah, and here's the daughter I raised, who hadn't been deceiving me like she'd hoped to. Why did you hurt me Eredhelil? You were perfect you know, ha! You were perfect, but, inevitably you ended up more like your father. To my disappointment." She felt her jaw clench itself together as she grew closer and closer to Deigil. She would not let anything happen to her, no matter what. "You're feeling a bit of pain aren't you? Not to my surprise though, you did disobey me." She would never be like her mother, not in a thousand years. Eredhelil felt another stab of pain in her back, but this time is vibrated throughout her whole spine. "You know what I can make you do Eredhelil, and yet you still disobey me. Have you forgotten what happened to your father because of his incompetence?" She would never forget that night, what her mother did to him. The canyon bellow her balcony, the one she'd thought about jumping into, was where her father's disfigured body was dropped into oblivion. 

"I'll never forget what happened, and you know that. I remember every detail of how you killed my father, and I still have nightmares of seeing you separate his head from his body with your bare hands." She didn't want to think about it, because for sure the thought alone would bring tears to her eyes. She loved her father, generally loved him, he was the only one she loved before Deigil came along. He only lived until she was the age of three and a half, but she remembered every detail of what she saw. Her mother asked for him in her personal quarters, which never happened. She was already in there, taking lessons from her mother on poisoning techniques, when he appeared. Eredhelil remembered how excited she was to see him that day, why wouldn't she be? It was her birthday. She remembered how her mother told her to sit on the bed and that she had a gift to give her. That was when she heard a loud crackling and ripping sound like something was being torn. She felt something sticky and wet be placed on her hands, and her mother said to her. 'Happy birthday, my lovely." She wished she hadn't opened her eyes, hadn't seen what she did. But, she did, and in her hands was her fathers head, flesh torn and spine broken still dangling from the skull. She cried that birthday, more than she ever had cried in her life. And her mother used her mind control magic, to make her throw the body and head over her own balcony, sending her father into the depths of the canyon. Never to be found. 

"Yes, it was a lesson to you, that you are easily disposable. I could just have another heir despite my age. And I would train this one better." Deigil was trembling behind her, she could feel the girl holding onto her hand. Deigil's power flowed through her, and she felt more safe than before. Although the pain in her back was still growing, and now it spread to her chest too. What in the hell was going on? "Leave them alone, this is a fight between me and you, mother." She spat out the word that now meant nothing to her. 

"Oh really? Because this captain just agreed to get her warrior back, by killing me. But, of course I'll let you join in the fun," The queen hissed the words, and smiled which sent a threatening chill through her body. Eredhelil felt excruciating pain fill her body, enough to make her gasp. The pain felt like she was being stabbed with a hundred knives over and over again. Her knee caps felt like they were being crushed, and her back felt similar to how it had before. Like a fire was being burned on her back, like something was being carved into her back. The pain made sweat drip down her forehead for trying to resist it, her teeth ground together and she felt her spine almost break. Deigil watched as Eredhelil thrived in pain, almost enough to make her curl up in a ball on the ground like she did when using the light magic. It wasn't nearly that painful though. Although it was close to the worst pain she'd ever felt, even worse than her mothers dark torture spells. "You're forgetting one small thing my sweet darling, you're my puppet. Or do you want to hurt yourself more?" 

"Ered, what's she talking about?" Deigil asked, still hiding behind her. Eredhelil remembered what happened to Eglanor, was this the same? The manipulation magic, was it hurting her? She knew it was, she knew all along, she just didn't want to accept it. Her mother would not control her like that, not that easily.

"You. Can't. Control me any more! I'm not you're slave!" Eredhelil yelled inches away from her mother's face. Their red eyes staring into one another's, her mother's horns were out, and her claws too. Thats when she felt her heart ache, like the thing itself was being ripped out of her. She fell to the cold floor, feeling the marble grounds hit her head. She was in so much pain she couldn't move. Involuntarily Eredhelil felt tears begin to flow down her cheeks, and she was unable to stop them. The pain, was so...

"That's it, my puppet, now I want you to do one thing for me. I want you to protect me at any costs, oh and, I want you to kill that Shadowmount harlot." Harlot, did her mother just call.. Deigil a harlot? Her anger rose so fast she couldn't contain it. Her claws extracted from her hands and her horns appeared on her head, surprisingly she felt no pain when they did. Her hand grabbed for her rapier and she launched herself at the woman, this monster. With ease the woman caught the tip of the sword before it could touch her neck, which was were she had aimed it. "Oh my, how close you came to killing me. Well, better luck next time, sweetie." With that the queen spread her eyes wide and her eyed began to glow. Eredhelil felt her body move on it's own, so the rapier was now not near her mother, but near Deigil. No! She told herself it, No!No! She tried to force her movements to stop, to not strike. But in an instant her hand moved on it's own and she swiped at the girl with all her might. Dammit! But, luckily all that training Deigil had wasn't for nothing, the girl drew her sword faster than was possible, and blocked the hit aimed for the heart. Why! 

"Ered! Snap out of it! You can't let you mother control you!" The queen's attention was shifted from the pleasure in seeing her daughter kill the one she loved, to Deigil, who now contradicted her. Another hit, another blow, with each thing came another hole in Eredhelil's heart. DAMMIT! WHY! Why.. couldn't she have, resisted it, why? Blow after blow, she kept hitting the sword against Deigil's. 

"That's it Eredhelil! Kill her! I love seeing your true nature!" The queen laughed malevolently, her evilness filled the aroma of the whole room. Then, the woman turned around and smiled again at Meathil. "Now I get to have some fun."

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