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A beautiful girl visited Brooke. Her hair was tied up in a tight ponytail and she was tall, fairly skinny with caramel skin colour. She smiled at Brooke.

"Hi," she began.

"What do you want?" Brooke asked, wondering who she was.

"I brought you something that'll help you a lot," the girl adjusted her coat.

"Why would you wanna help me?" Brooke asked. "You don't even know me. Who are you and why should I trust you?"

"I want justice to prevail," The girl said turning so that her side was towards the metallic bars. A white envelope peeked out of her coat pocket. "Now, take that letter out of my pocket. You've got to  read it right now."

With that, she was gone. Brooke stared after her, wondering what the letter contained. Was it evidence against someone? Ray? She turned her back to the bars and ripped the envelope open. There were two items in it; a letter in print and a photograph of a beautiful young girl wearing a little pink dress.. How was the girl connected to her?

Dearest Brooke,
I wrote this letter knowing that you might get into trouble. I know of your arrest and that you haven't made any statement yet. That's a good thing because you might want to think about what you're going to say.

Before you read on, make sure this letter is not read by anyone. Fyi the only finger prints that will be found on it are yours.

Back to the point, you'll have to confess that you joined TcA and that you're a new member so you don't know much, yet. Maybe you can say you joined by mistake or you didn't know what you were signing up for. Come up with something that doesn't include me. I believe you're smart enough.

Do not, I repeat, do not say anything about me. If you do,you'll be putting three innocent people in danger. The first being Marlon. Maybe you don't care about him a lot but you care about those whose names I'm about to mention. James Kilden your brother and Diamond Maand. You remember her? Of course you do but you never tell anyone about her. You currently don't know where she is but I do. She's the one in the photo. Have you realized she looks just like you? Cute. I wish she was mine. If you disobey my orders she'll die in the worst way possible. I promise to send you the video. I never break promises so think clearly about what you'll say. Besides if they see this letter, they might think you either wrote it yourself or an accomplice did. I advise you to keep this a secret.

If you ever manage to get out of jail without dragging me into your mess, I'll reward you. You might get to catch a glimpse of your little daughter.

I'm watching,

Brooke Kilden quickly folded up the letter, put it back in the envelope and fixed it inside her brassier. It was a good thing that no one had  seen her read it. She wasn't sure if suspects were allowed letters or not.

Her hands trembled as she viewed her daughter's photograph. She leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor. She'd been yearning to see her for a very long time. Seven years back, Brooke had been a victim of teenage pregnancy. Her staunch Christian parents had been so disappointed and feared humiliation so she'd been sent to her mother's hometown to live with her grandparents. When the baby was born, it was given to a couple that had been visitors to the town because Brooke had to go back to school. Besides, it would be too expensive to raise her. None of her family members were willing to take care of an illegitimate child. At that time, giving her up for adoption had been the best option but she regretted it every day of her life.

After sometime, that couple left with the child promising to keep their promises to Brooke; Keep her daughter safe and maintain the name, Diamond Maand which Brooke had given her. They even agreed to keep in contact. After that Brooke returned to Syllond. She claimed to have been on a Missionary trip and her friends believed her. The baby's father Bert Crawford never got to know of its existence.

After a while, people had forgotten about her one year disappearance and life had normalized. She later tried to contact the couple that had adopted her daughter but failed. Brooke figured that they were afraid to lose the child and she tried to understand that it was her mistake. She shouldn't have given away her daughter. It'd have been better if she'd held to Diamond even if life would've been really hard.

Her daughter looked almost the same as her and Brooke was thrilled. On the other hand, she was frightened. How did Ray know so much about her? Was someone trying to frame her? But who could it be? She was going to do whatever it'd take to keep Diamond safe. Maybe they'd never be together but she had to be okay. She needed to have the amazing life Brooke never had.

Even if she had to be sent to prison for life, it didn't matter as long as those she cared about were safe. Especially her beautiful daughter, her only diamond in the world. If only she'd have her to herself! It'd be the best thing in the whole world. She knew that even if she ever had children, she'd never stop thinking about Diamond.

Brooke heard footsteps and quickly folded the photo then slid it into her jeans pocket. A female guard opened the door of the cell.

"What is it now?" Brooke asked, standing up. Using her hand, she wiped away the tears on her face.

"There's no crying in prison. You need to develop a thick skin, little girl."

"Leave me alone."

"Your lawyer wants to see you," She said. "Follow me."


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