"I signed up for NYU; I didn't sign up to fall for my brother's best friend..."

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I wake up to the feeling of cold water being splashed on me. I open my eyes to see my brother, Alexander, standing in front of me with an empty bucket in his hands.

“Alexander, what the heck?!?!”

“Sorry sis, you wouldn’t get up otherwise. Hurry up or we’ll be late for our classes.”

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I’m starting my first day of college at NYU. Alex has already been here for two years and shares an apartment with his best friend, Aaron. Once I got accepted, Alex had immediately offered for me to stay here, and I accepted.

“Hurry up Sophia, or were going to be late!” screamed Alex.

I quickly scrambled out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and blow dried my hair so that it was left in its natural, soft waves. I dressed in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a white, flowed top with ruffles from the shoulders down. I quickly grabbed a pair of white gladiators and grabbed my bags to head out the door.

Once I got in the car, I noticed Aaron was in the driver’s seat.

“Hey Aaron. Where’d Alex go?” I asked him.

“He left with mike; said something about you being too slow and wasting his precious time.”

“Ugh, okay. Whatever, can we just get to school so we don’t end up late, please?”

“Wow, that’s the first time you’ve said please to me.” He said with a smirk coming across his face.

“Whatever. Let’s just go.” I grumbled, already my mood ruined by my brother.

He started the car and we started on the way for the school.

We were right by the school when we saw red and blue lights behind us.

“Crap!” I heard Aaron mutter.

“Well, you could’ve gone the speed limit, but you chose not to.”

“Sorry, if I don’t feel like being late to my classes on the first day, Ms. Sass!”

“Talk to Alex about that, he’s the one who poured ice water on me!”

“If you would’ve woken up when your alarm clock went off, then we wouldn’t have this problem, now, would we!?”

I didn’t say anything further, because the police officer was walking towards his window.

“What can I do for you officer?” Aaron said.

“Sir, you were going twenty miles over the speed limit.”

“Sorry, officer… Tooshy.”

“It’s pronounced Touche’” said the officer.

“ohh, my bad. Sorry about that.” We both silently chuckled under our breath. Officer Tooshy had an aggravated look on his face.

“Where are you two heading?”

“NYU” we both said in unison. We both looked at each other and chuckled a little.

“I’ll let you guys off with a warning, but only because you have ten minutes before class. Drive safely and please, no more speeding son.”

“Yes sir” he said.

We sped towards the college and I looked at him like he was crazy “Did you not just here the officer!? ‘No more speeding son’, ring a bell Aaron?”

“Well, my bad. I don’t want to end up late for school on THE FIRST DAY!” I noticed he raised his voice with every word he spoke.

“Stop being a wimp Aaron. Look, the school’s right here and we still have,” I took my phone out and looked at the clock that was on the screen,” five minutes left.”


He found a spot near the school and I almost jumped out of the car and ran to my brother. I was looking for Alex when I see him standing by the lounge flirting with a girl. I run up to him and smack him upside the head.

“OWWW! What was that for?”

“That was for almost making me and Aaron late, jerk!”

“Well, you weren’t dressing quick enough, so I left and met Jasmine here”

“Jessica” she told him, her tone annoying.

“right right, Jessica, while waiting on you guys. I’m taking her out later on tonight.” He said with his signature smirk.

“Uhm, Alex, did you forget something?” I asked him.

“No, I have everything with me, why?”

“We are supposed to meet Uncle Antonio and Aunt Gemma tonight.” I say

“Then you go and just tell them I had an exam I had to study for.”

“An exam on the second day of college Alex? You really think they’d believe that?” I asked him.

“Well it’s not like you could come up with something better.”

“I did, but I’m not getting you out of this one big bro. ever since mom and dad…” my eyes started to tear up, when I felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around me. I looked up to see Aaron hugging me and Alex gone.

“Where’s Alex?”

“He ran off” he said with a frown. I started looking for him, when Aaron said “We better head for class. He’ll be fine Soph., I promise. Now, come on.”

He led us to our first class of the day. Aaron and Alex are studying for a Business Degree here, while I’m studying for a Journalism Degree. All three of us had English together first, then Aaron and Alex go to their next class, while I get a one hour break.


“Uggghhhh!” I groaned.

“Oh come on, English wasn’t that bad was it?”

“Well sorry if I don’t like it when the freaking teacher hits on you twenty-four seven!!” I yelled at Aaron. I was becoming aggravated and I knew I had to calm myself down before something happens. That’s what got me into so many High Schools when I was younger. I would always let my anger and aggravation get the best of me. I was actually asked once to be on the wrestling team because I beat up so many guys, who also where jerky enough to hit back. I mean, come on man, who hits a girl? Isn’t that like in the “Guy’s Rule Book” or some crap like that??

“bye Aaron” I muttered before walking away hearing a faint bye from him. I just drove around wondering what I was going to do for the next hour…


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To be Continued...
"I signed up for NYU; I didn't sign up to fall for my brother's best friend..."
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