Chapter 7 - The Video

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That night out was the most subdued we'd ever had. It was like no matter how much we drank, we couldn't get drunk or even in a better mood. Every conversation came back to the same thing. Steve.

I really did feel sorry for him. Whereas before I saw him as a guy who wore ridiculous ties and never went out, I now saw him in a different light. There were so many things that I'd never considered before. I always thought that he was anti-social, if a guy with anxiety problems like mine could go out every week with Tom and Aaron then why couldn't he? But now I saw him as just a regular guy who was totally dedicated to his wife and kids. I didn't even know how old his kids were or how many he had. Who can hate a family man? And then there was the fact that he hadn't even chosen to be a mortician. Or at least I didn't think he had. Eternal Wings had just been passed to him but what was to say that he wanted to be something else, like plumber or a drama teacher? His destiny had probably been decided at a young age and he never had a choice in the matter. Enter Christian Goldstein, a guy who was trying to take away the only thing Steve knew. What was he going to do? The last thing that I thought about now that I hadn't done before was the odd nature of the work in the first place. Obviously Steve wanted customers but that meant praying for people to die. How could he live like that? My conclusion was that Steve was a much stronger character than I'd previously given him credit for and I felt bad for not letting him know that. I was certain that he was going to give up his family business, and so was everyone else.

"Man, I can't stand that rat bastard" Tom cried as he finished his bottle of beer.

"I've met him once and I already hate him. Poor Steve" I nodded solemnly. Aaron returned to our table with three more drinks but showed very little enthusiasm.

It struck me then that we normally went out to get over the depressing nature of funerals but this evening was worse than any service I'd attended so far.

"That place is his life. I can't imagine him doing anything else" Aaron mused.

"We have to do something" Tom told us. "We can't let him sell to that guy"

"I'm sure he'd still hire all of us" I said more confidently then I felt.

"That isn't the point. I don't want to work for Kim Jong Douchebag, do you?" Argued Tom.

"Well when you put it like that . . ." I whispered.

"What can we do though?" Aaron asked. "I mean there are only so many people dying around here; and it's not like people are planning funerals decades in advance"

"I think there's only one thing that we can do" Tom shrugged.

"Which is?" I asked him.

"We're going to have to go on a mass killing spree. Find the weakest links and biggest menaces to society and wipe them all out. Then there's enough for everyone"

"Let's call that plan B" Aaron said worriedly.

It was safe to say that none of us were really feeling it that night so we finished the beers we had and then went home. I called Naomi to try and explain to her what had happened that day and see if she could offer any womanly wisdom. Unfortunately it was very difficult to explain because I was still trying to keep up the pretence that I worked at a bank. Then there was also the fact that Aaron's theory was correct. She didn't care about my "Banking" problem. I contemplated telling her the truth then and there but I didn't. I actually really liked her and wasn't ready for the fledgling relationship to die just yet. Pun intended, by the way.

I arrived at work the next day and it was way more depressing than usual. Steve still hadn't made a decision and disappeared into his office for the entire day. Aaron remained silent like the dark, mysterious type that he so often looked like and Tom came up with another psychotic idea to come up with some more business.

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