Chapter 32 | Crisis Conqueror

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Hey guys! So here's Crisis Conqueror... After a brutal episode from the trolls that call themselves ouat producers.....(I'm home alone, and My neighbors thought I was being murdered Sunday night. Breaking down into my knees, violently balling, yelling at the tv, .. The whole kapeesh 😰 And I looked like a sweaty puffy eyed racoon that wanted to abliderate everything in sight... Guys. My soul died that night. And I'm sure all yours did too!!

Here is a chapter that hopefully can lift your spirits :3 *wink wink*

If you don't like Captain swan, then definitely don't read the following XD Also could be more Mature Content.

The picture I have attached down somewhere in the verbage of a barn is mine, from my Photography. Haha I've been DYING to write this so I could use it LOL
And Sorry for any mistakes ;)
Emma isn't the kind to cry around people she doesn't know, which means that she usually doesn't cry much at all. But she spends the short drive to the Station trying to rein her watery tears back; except she's failing, and she keeps breaking down. Her face crumpling every time she realizes that she's going to jail and that the only way she's going to see Killian again is if he gets arrested too.

And even then it would only be a brief goodbye.

Unfortunately Emma knows all too well that he is good at what he does... He's not going to be caught unless he meant to be.
In other words, she knows she's never going to see Killian again.

The deputy is silent from under his wiry mustache as he leads her into the Station hastily, positioning her in front of the wall marked with numbers to take her mugshot.

Then this is the moment she finally breaks. Hot tears rolling down her cheeks in streams, as her shoulders shake while silent sobs violently rack through her petite body.

"Wipe 'em off, sweetheart. Crying won't help you now." The deputy barks, rolling his eyes. But that offhand term of endearment is like a sharp knife in her heart, a painful reminder of all the times Killian had called her that.

She needs to stop. She needs to pick herself up and face the punishment on Killian's behalf, even if he was just trying to save her when he killed the cop.

But she can't stop. Has she became weak? She doesn't want to shut her emotions off, and harden her heart. She was beginning to take off her armor, and she doesn't want to put the weight of it back on.
Being apart from Killian is unfair and it hurts, just like the rest of her life has been. But She's so tired of feeling. She's so hopeless, so broken and alone.

Emma's got nobody to try and fix her now, and not so long ago she wouldn't want it any other way.

"Come here," The deputy calls before dragging her by her arm to a wooden chair. Handing her a styrofoam cup of water, because a glass cup could potentially be used as a weapon. He stalks back over and sits behind his desk shuffling papers around until she gets a grip on her emotions.

Ten minutes later the cell door slams closed behind her and Emma runs a shaky hand threw her tangled blonde strands before sitting down on the small cot with her head in her hands, wondering what Killian is doing at this exact moment.
Wondering if he's already on the road to Storybrooke, Wondering if he's missing her as much as she's missing him.

It never even occurs to her that he's coming for her.

Killian once told her that if she were to get caught, she would be left to rot in jail. Unlike him since he's got 'friends in high places'. And that's exactly what she's mentally preparing herself for.

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