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3rd POV

As a Ravenclaw with perfect grades working with Quinn Fabray of all people was frustrating. The blond (while pretty) was a terrible partner. Quinn was slow and annoying. (Rachel only partnered up with her because she was pretty.)

"Can you just pass me the ingredients?" Rachel snapped.

Quinn turned from where she was chatting with Santana, a fellow Slytherin. "What Berry?"

"The ingredients!" Rachel repeated. "And come help me, it's a hard potion to master."

"You're the Ravenclaw." Quinn shrugged.

"And your incredibly annoying." Rachel snapped. "Just help me already."

"Fine." Rachel rolled her eyes. "What are we making?"

"Amortentia. It's a very advanced potion."

"Doesn't it smell like love?" Quinn asked, opening her potions textbook to the right page.

"No it smells like the person and things you like about them. 'Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for its mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them.'"

"Did you just quote the text book?" Quinn asked, raising a perfect eyebrow. (She looked impressed too.)

"It's from 'Potions and there purposes'."

"Such a Ravenclaw." Quinn muttered. "Nerd."

"I might be a nerd but at least I don't dose myself in perfume. You spell like a rotting rose garden."

"It's better than smelling like strawberry shortcake. Do you buy your shampoo by the dozen?" Quinn snapped. "And your so bossy too."

"I'm not bossy." Rachel defended. "I like to get things done and I would have by now if you'd helped."

"You are bossy!"

The girls argument was cut short by a loud crash, followed by a loud exploding noise.

"Someone spilled their cauldron." Rachel said, standing on her tiptoes to see. (Damn her height.)

"End of class." Professor Biest called. "Miss Pierce needs to go to the infirmary. Early lunch you lot."

Grabbing her bag Rachel hurried out the classroom, trying to escape the suddenly overpowering smell of ingredients. Quinn sighed at her actions before she caught up with her friends.


"Well that was an exciting lesson." Santana said smirking. (She usually was, it was Santana's way.)

"I guess." Kurt said, flicking his book page with his wand. (It was unnecessary but a Slytherin with an entire Ravenclaw family let to a big show off.)

"Put your book down nerd." Santana said, rolling her eyes. A few Ravenclaws looked over before returning to their discussion. Santana chuckled. (She was too badass to giggle. Obviously.)

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