A letter for you.

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Before anything else, I'd like you to know that this isn't part of the story. I'm pretty sure you've figured out that this is a lengthy Author's Note that I couldn't just stick on the top of my chapter.

Anyway, I wrote this story in the midst of my crazy AMACon isolation, as a sort of reprieve for the challenging things I was doing. I'm not used to these kinds of things—like getting prompts and making a story for a character that I didn't think of. For this, I'm going to thank everyone in my AMACON Writers group (and I mean everyone, all those I get to chat with early in the morning, through Eat Bulaga and whatever time of day,) this crazy bunch of people who are up at night complaining with me while we tried to squeeze our minds for ideas and for the words to flow. Thanks for being my happy pill, thanks for all the crazy shit we talk about on the GC. I'm also thanking kathartickat and TheTroubledNeophyte for inviting me to write with them because I really wouldn't have made friends on my own in this fandom (because I'm sort of a freak of nature who suck at starting friendly conversation.)

I'm also going to thank my ultimate fave writers here on Watty, because I keep reading their works whenever I need a pick me up. For sereace , the one who writes equally poignant stories and harot fics I could never attain. For LunatiCai07162015 for your crazy antics all day errday. For wuthie16 who goes with our early morning harutan even if she has to bring her kids to school. For notmykindoftea who I'm kinda missing because she's sorta missing right now. For aosfiction for dealing with my cray prompt and writing a fantastic story. And for oxymoronj for giving me a prompt that challenged me to my very core because who knew I'd be writing about a cursing Alden. 😂

And thanks to those who have read my works and all those who have read from the AMACon book. You guys have no idea how we writers value your support and how happy it makes us when you tell us how it made you feel so many things. We promise to write more stories for you guys.

Okay, I'm done with the cheese. Let's drink! 😅

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