Chapter 21 - Day 2: Memories & Lessons

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Lighthouse - Patrick Watson

I like the piano areas and later on in the chapter she would totally be playing it


Chapter 21

Day 2:

Memories & Lessons

"Your grace?"

I jumped awake at the feel of someone's hand on my ankle and lifted my head. Fey smiled down at me with amusement and I glanced at the empty space beside me. How long had I been asleep?

"How long...?" I croaked.

"A day. You slept all day yesterday after your friends left and now it's about midday."

"What do you call days here?"

Fey's smile widened. "Well... It's Wednesday."

I let out a small chuckle and lifted my drained body up to cross my legs. "So it's just Monday, Tuesday and all that?"

"Yes." She moved over to the wardrobe and opened it. "Would you like me to lay out your clothes for the day?"

I raised a brow before rubbing my eyes and sighed. "Sure, go ahead."

As I watched the young woman move around the room, laying out a shorter dress than the ones from yesterday I stared at them with slightly narrowed eyes.

"Bonnie had sent a message to the guards to tell me you preferred the shorter dresses so I had a handful made for you whilst you slept."

A last minute present from Bonnie. "She's a life saver."

Fey sent me another smile as she picked out a pair of underwear for me. "Would you like another bath?"

"All I seem to be doing is bathing. Is there a place to eat?"

"Of course, I can take you there."

I manoeuvred off the bed and picked up the dress. "Thank you Fey."

"You're welcome, Alexis."

"How old are you?"

Her gaze flickered from the floor to me. "I've been alive for seventeen human years."

"Were you a soul before this life?"


"Born here?"


"So you're one of those Pure's." I smiled. "Trustworthy. Loyal. You don't know much of the human world?"

She shook her head and I noticed the way her shoulder's relaxed slightly. "Not much."

"You're mature for your age though."

"I'm required to."

"What are you?"

"A Servient Angel of Light."

I moved into the bathroom and shouted, "And I am light then, hm?"

"I offered my services to you along with ten other angels."

I paused my movements. "Ten others?"

"Yes, your gr- Alexis."

"And you were chosen by...?"

"The God's of Greek."

Perses and Helena. I dressed quickly without a word into the cropped armed cotton dress. I brushed my black hair out of its weird bun and left it hanging over my shoulder. The sink had toothbrushes, soap and what resembled a washcloth but it was softer so I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth before moving back into my room.

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