Chapter 32

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(Tay Pov)

Where Have I Been? Is The Question On Everybodys Mind But Ive Been Here Isolated And Without The Mind To Talk To Anybody But Im Doing Fine...

"Mommy Can We Go To The Candy Shop Now" Ty Asked As She Shoved Her Last Couple Of Fries Into Her Mouth.

Me And My Babies Were Out In The Mall Ty,King And My Lovely Niece Tiona, My Third Baby... We Were Just Cruising I Was Tired Of Being In The House And I Needed To Go Out... I Needed Some Fresh Air... Some Time Away From Damien...

"Candy Is Going To Make Your Teeth Turn Black And Crumble Out" King Said To Ty As He Sipped His Coke Through Two Straws.

"Leave Her Alone... Meany" Tiona Said Defending Her Cousin.

"Mommy There Double Teaming Me" King Said.

"Yall Play Nice" I Said. "And Finish Yall Food" I Added.

"And Then We Can Have Some Candy Mommy?" Ty Said. "Pleassss" She Added.

"Yes And Then Yall Can Get Candy" I Said Causing Them To Jump Up And Down Screaming.

"Ty... Tiona..." I Said. I Think They Forgot Where They Were. We Were In The Food Court At The Mall Sitting Literally In The Middle.

Picture Of Tiona

Picture Of Tiona

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"Girls..." King Said While Shaking His Head.

"You'll Love Em One Day" I Told Him.

After A Few Minutes Later... I Made Sure They Were All Done Eating And Then We Gathered Our Shopping Bags And Headed Towards The Candy Shop...

"Yall Sure Yall Dont Want To Go To The Veggie Shop" I Joked.

"Aunty You Promised Yesterday For Candy" Tiona Said Looking Up At Me.

"I Did?" I Asked Smiling. I Know What I Promised Them Last Night I Was Making Sure They Did Not.

"Mommy... You Did" Ty Said Laughing. "Remember?" She Asked.

"Yeah" I Said. "I Remember" I Said As We Headed For The Store.

When We Entered The Store The Kids Went Crazy Sticking All Types Of Candies In Their Little Baggies...

Ty And Tiona Both Had 3 Little Kiddie Bags And King Had 3 Medium Bags...

"I Thought Candy Make Your Teeth Black And Crumble" I Said To King As We Waited In Line And Tiona And Ty Jumped Excitedly.

"For Testing Mommy" He Said Smiling. "Just Testing" He Asked.

"Mhmmm" I Said.

"There Beautiful" The Lady Who Was Behind The Counter Said As She Rang Me Up.

"Thank You" I Said As I Went To Swipe My Card. "What Do You Guys Say?" I Asked The Kids.

"Thank You" They All Said In Unison.

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