Chapter 22

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The next few weeks pass by pretty quickly. I still have Chase annoying me but that has reduced. I still feel a pang in my heart when he approaches me all desperate and apologetic but I have people and incidents that remind me that he is a fake person. On the other side, Xavier and I have become better friends though we still argue. About a lot of things. He always helps me with Math and in turn irritates the hell out of me. I can't believe the plank is still there. As for mom, she is still the same though the doctors say she is healing internally. I don't see how that is happening but I hold on to these small flickers of hopes.

It's Saturday today and I plan to study as the semester is near. I will visit mumma in the evening when dad is there. It feels good to have the three of us there. I decide to go to the school library to actually get some study done. Also, Netflix doesn't distract me there. I pick my books and leave for school. I see Xavier and Noah playing football in their small lawn and stop to watch them. Noah falteringly runs behind Xavier in hopes of getting the ball but fails every time. I feel sorry for him as Xavier laughs. Noah pouts and suddenly stops running after Xavier. Xavier stops too, confused. Noah walks up to him, bends and picks up the ball from under Xavier's leg and walks away with it huffing to himself.

"Hey Noi! That's cheating." Xavier screams after him and Noah turns around and sticks out his tongue at Xavier.

"No Bubba. You do teating. You ale sho tall and fast. I can't play like you." Noah says in an annoyed and tired voice. Boy! He has no idea how cute he looks when he does that... I can't help but take his side.

"He is right Xavier," I yell and they both turn to look at me. I grin as they both come near the fence.

"See Bubba. Even Sammy aglees with me." Noah says cheerfully and I wink at him.

"Yeah, of course, she will. Because apparently she is totally charmed by you." Xavier says, rolling his eyes at Noah.

"Well, you can't disagree with that," I say with a shrug and Xavier wiggles his eyebrows in suggestion.

"Maybe you should consider," he points to himself. "..other people and you'll know what it is to be really charmed," Xavier says with a proud expression.

"Maybe you are right but... I don't see any charming person standing around." I reply bored, looking all around faking a searching expression. Noah giggles as he gets the joke and I air high-five him. Xavier huffs.

"You're just jealous." He says and I laugh in a sarcastic way.

"Sure. Whatever floats your boat." I say uninterested. His eyes drop to my bag and then to my attire. Well, I'm wearing my regular blue denim jeans and a sea green t-shirt.

"Going somewhere?" He questions and I nod.

"Yep. To the school. I am gonna study in the library."

"Expect the nerd to study all weekend." He taunts and I glare.

"At least then I don't need to charm my teachers with flirty looks." I point out, referring to the last week's incident when he tried to score in chemistry by cooing Mrs. Tint- our teacher.

"Hah. That's called using what you have." Xavier says and I roll my eyes. I mutter quick goodbyes and get into my car, not wanting to get late.

I feel his eyes on me as I start the car and drive away. I reach the school and sigh in content as I only spot a very few people around. I take my books from my locker and sit in the almost empty library. I love this part about my school. They let students study on weekends in the library and that's a boon for me. History. Civil war. Phew. Let's begin.

I study for two hours straight and then decide to take a break. I first go to my locker to change my books. As I'm about to turn, a body blocks me and for a split second, I hope it's Xavier. I don't know why but that's the first thing that comes to my mind. Much to my dismay, I look up to see the douche bag and immediately try to leave. Chase grabs my arms and pulls me back. I look up to him in anger and his grip tightens.

"Baby cakes, please. Not again. Talk to me." He says, desperation and exasperation shimmering in his voice.

"I don't want to hear anything that you have to say so, please. Just let me go, Chase. Just let me be." I say frustrated. He takes my both arms in his hands and pushes me slightly to the locker. I try to move his hands away but he doesn't budge.

"Sam. Please. You have to hear me out and as it is, there is no Bella or Carly here to make me go away today. It's just you and me. At least let me explain myself."

"Fine! Then speak what you have so I can go away from you as soon as I can. But remember, you will have to stop harassing me once I hear you out."

"I- I still love you babycakes. You were and you are the one for me. That relation with Julie. It was a mistake baby. I didn't know what came over me. And she was literally throwing herself at me. And even for the seven months that I dated her, it was only you that I was interested in. Trust me, babycakes. Please. We have so much of history together. All those late night cuddles, the long walks in the park, you remember all that right? We used to be the cutest couple of the school." He explains and my eyes water. The more I try to forget, the more my life back lashes all those memories at me. All of a sudden he has to remind me of all the good times that I try so hard to forget every day. I blink my eyes to stop my tears and look at him in the eye.

"You know what your problem is Chase? That you think you matter. But you don't. Nor do those memories. I don't care why you dated that girl for so many months. I don't care if you still love me. All I care about is the fact that I hate you. You broke my heart and my trust and you can do nothing to earn them back!" I say and wiggle out of his grasp. I start walking but he pulls me back again.

"No babycakes. I won't buy any of the stuff you are selling. Our relation- it's too special to forget. Those memories haunt me every moment and I want nothing more than to get back with you and relive them all. I will do everything to earn back your trust, just give me a chance baby. Please." Chase says, moving his thumb on my cheek. I swat his hand away and push him back.

"Just stop okay?! Stop pestering me around and interfering in my life. You can't just barge in again whenever you want. Just when I'm trying to move on, you can't just come and want things to be like before. Because they are not. Things have changed and so have I. I want nothing to do with you so just drop your act or I will have to do things I don't wanna do."

"Move on? Now I get it. You mean that Xavier guy right. That's the one who you are moving on with, isn't it? Why? Did he give you the attention while I was away? You were all desperate and alone so you decided to take shelter with the first guy that approached you. I should have known it. It's all because of him. That useless, shallow piece of a-" He doesn't complete his sentence because I slap him. Hard. He stares at me stunned and I feel tears filling my eyes as his words rip me on the inside.

"This is what you think of me? This what you call special? You know who the shallow person is here? It's you! Your thinking is as degraded as you. And if I had any doubts about you being a douche before, they are all cleared now. I was right when I dumped you and you deserved it. I don't care about you and your fake apology anymore because I hate you! And I am done with you! " I growl with venom in my voice and walk away. Chase stands there silent and thankfully doesn't try to stop me.

I can't concentrate on studies after that and decide to drive straight to the hospital next. Only mumma can make me feel better now. My phone rings so I put it on speaker and I put on my seat belt.

"Baby girl. Where are you?" I hear dad, a bit desperation in his voice. Mom!

"Dad I'm leaving for the hospital. Is everything okay? Is-is mom okay?"

"Yes, love. Your mom is fine. Don't drive to the hospital. Come home. I have something to tell you." He says and I frown in confusion. I agree and start my way back home. It's afternoon and dad is home. What is it that he wants to talk? Don't be bad news.

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