Chapter 31

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Alec's p.o.v

She doesn't want me. My mate has left me, my first child is dead. I fuck up a lot.

It's been hours since I got back to the castle and I want to go back to Emily.
I miss her.

"Alec- go to sleep. It's 3 in the morning"Liam muttered coming into the living room.

"No! Just leave me alone Liam. Why are you even up?" I asked standing up and looking at him.

"Because I can here you screaming and shouting"

"Sorry. Just go back to sleep" I muttered and he rolled his eyes and walked back upstairs.

I went to the kitchen and opened the top drawer. I pulled out 5 bottles of vodka and sat on the counter.

Why doesn't she want me Chase? I asked opening the bottle and drinking from it.

She's confused. He blocked me out as I finished the bottle.

For us werewolfs, we have to drink about 3 bottles of vodka to get tipsy.

I lost count of how many bottles I drank. I opened another bottle and lifted it up just as Emily walked in.

"Emily?" I questioned smiling and putting the bottle on the counter.

"You didn't leave me?" I stood up falling to the floor. Emily ran out of the room and I shook my head.

I stood up quickly, about to run after her as Anna walked in.

"Hey Alec" she smiled at me and I shook my head.

"No! I have to go stop Emily. She'll leave me again" I slurred walking to the door.

"Woah Alec! I didn't see Emily" she grabbed my hand.

"No! She was right here! Didn't you see her run out of the room?" I asked confused

"No Alec. Are you okay? Shall I take you upstairs?" She touched my face and I looked at her with disgust

"Don't touch me! Only Emily can touch me! Emily!" I shouted running out the door.

"Emily please!" I shouted running to the door just as I heard Anna behind me.

"Alec stop! You're drunk! I didn't see Emily" she grabbed onto my hand and turned me around. I saw Liam and Nat walk downstairs.

"Liam! Tell her to leave me alone! I saw Emily and she's not leaving me! Nat!" I pushed Anna away and Liam quickly grabbed her.

"Alec!" She shouted. I ignored her and opened the door. It was dark outside, very dark.

"Emily!" I shouted running outside.

"Emily please! Please don't leave me!" I fell to the floor

"Alec come inside" Liam muttered and helped me up

"I seen her Liam" I mumbled as he dragged me inside.

"Now you can enjoy life with Barbie over here!" Nat exclaimed

"Nat just leave it now" Liam muttered helping me upstairs. He walked me to and Emily and I's room and put me in bed.

"When you wake up, then we'll talk" he muttered putting the covers on me

"I didn't do it Liam" I whispered

"I know you didn't. You wouldn't do that to Emily" he muttered and walked out the room after closing the lights.

Emily's p.o.v

I was back. And I was going to give Alec a chance. The final one.

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