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“If he does anything which hurts you even remotely, you tell us, okay? We could always hire the hit and run people.”

Four friends—Manha, Zahra, Eshaal, and Rida—share a bond built on faith, wisdom, and love. Coming from different backgrounds and having different personalities, they all have different stories to tell and different ways of coping with the test of time.

Traversing through desi aunties, prospective suitors, unpleasant encounters, and the center that they have built from scratch, they seem to have it all under control. But that is only until one of them unknowingly steps into murky waters; and by extension, drags the others.

All too sudden, nothing is as it seems. 

In the long unwinding path that stretches ahead of them, what dirty truths are they going to uncover? How is it going to affect their lives? And what about their knights-in-shining-armour? Will they even arrive in due course of time?

Bringing to you a tale often dealt with but seldom spoken about. A tale that speaks of love, pain, happiness, and most importantly, the silver lining and whether it’s found.


Shimmering Love [Renamed as Captivating Illusions]Where stories live. Discover now