The movie was over. Hyungwon turned to look at the handsome boy who had snuggled against him and looked sleepy.

"Why you keep choosing bad movies like this?" Hoseok asked rubbing his eyes.

"There is nothing else we haven't seen in Netflix anymore", Hyungwon snorted.

Hoseok laughed and put his computer away so they could sleep. They weren't the type of people to stay awake whole night and preferred to sleep long together.

He pulled the blanket better on top of them. They usually always slept facing one another, sometimes they even had arms around each other.

This time was no different. Hyungwon pulled the boy close so that Hoseok could bury head in his chest.

Hyungwon felt irresistible urge to play with the boy's hair but controlled it and closed his eyes, listening at Hoseok's silent breathing.

Not soon after, he heard a sniffle that made his heart twitch.

"Are you crying?" he asked.

Hoseok shook his head no.


"I love you", he muttered with broken voice. He sounded serious. Hyungwon felt his shirt getting wet from the boy's tears.

"I-I love you too", Hyungwon was confused.

"No. Not like that."

He didn't know what to answer. Hoseok raised his head to look at the other boy who had worried look on his face.

When Hyungwon just looked at him without even blinking, he slowly and uncertainly leaned closer he could feel warm lips against his own, tear-soaked ones.

It was a simple, close mouthed kiss. He hadn't really been thinking at all but still expected to be pushed away. Instead, Hyungwon slowly opened his mouth to kiss Hoseok properly.

They didn't know what they were doing - it was a first kiss for both of them - but they had closed their eyes to just go with the flow.

Hyungwon brought out his tongue to lick Hoseok's wet lips. He could still taste the salty tears.

Their kiss was really slow and gentle. It sent a weird feeling down their stomachs.

They fell asleep arms around each other. Hoseok wasn't crying anymore.


They didn't talk about what happened that night but both of them had different look in their eyes and also their friends noticed how they acted differently.

Hyungwon was often staring at Hoseok and when the guy noticed, both of them just smiled and looked away.

"Can you two get a room?" Jooheon asked when Hyungwon was whispering something to Hoseok, his lips touching the boy's ear.

"But they're so cute though", Changkyun tangled in his friend's arm.

They held hands or leaned against one another always when they had a change.

"Hoseok", Hyungwon started when they were sitting on school's stairs.


They kept their voice's low because they weren't supposed to be inside.

"Can you kiss me again?" he didn't look Hoseok because he was kind of embarrassed to ask that.

"Here?" he didn't wait for and answer and leaned closer to kiss the boy. His hand found its way on Hyungwon's messy hair.

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