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      In a room in the Uchiha heads house, there are the sounds of a woman's labored breathing, and the encouraging commands of mid-wives. The woman who is breathing heavily is Mikoto. The pregnant wife of the Uchiha clan head, Fugaku. She is currently giving birth to her first born, or first born twin's, unknown to her.

      Then Mikoto felt a contraction. She gives a push, then suddenly there is the sound of a babies soft crying. Mikoto slumps with relief, believing the contractions are over. Until she felt another contraction come.

      One of the mid-wives says worriedly, "Mikoto-sama, you have another baby coming. It seems you have twins. You cannot rest now. You must push or we will lose the baby."

Half an hour later, Mikoto lay's in her bed. Holding her two babies. The baby held in her right arm is named Itachi Uchiha. He has a bluish-black tuft of hair on the top of his head, onyx eyes, and a diagonal line under each of his eyes. Held in Mikoto's left arm is her surprise daughter Shizuka Uchiha. She looks similar to Itachi, but not the same. She resembles her parents evenly. Some of her does not look like either of her parents. Itachi resembles his mother more than his father. Shizuka has an ebony tuft of hair that has silver streaks in it and silvery black eyes. Both of the children are soundly sleeping. 

      "Weasel and Silent child, what unique names for our children." Fugaku looks down at his wife and two children with an amused grin.

      Mikoto looks up, amused by what her husband said about their children's names. "Oh quiet you, Itachi and Shizuka do not need to be teased already."

      Fugaku just smirks, "They will make us proud Mikoto-chan. I know they will. Just by the look in their eyes, I can tell they will do great things." Fugaku kisses his wife's head in a comforting gesture. Then he takes the twins out of her arms gently.

      "I hope that whatever great things they do Fugaku, it will help bring peace to this village of ours. I do not wish for another war to happen. Even though one will be starting soon."

      Fugaku gets this sad look in his eyes. He does not show the sadness on his face though. "I hope so too Mikoto-chan. I hope so too."


Well, that is the prologue. Naruto will be like one or two years old when the Kyuubi attacks and Kushina will still be alive. So Naruto will be smarter and not wear so much orange. Sorry if you're mad at me but I just didn't like that they made Naruto so dumb. I felt like strangling the author a few times so that's one reason why the story is an alternate universe. The other reason has to do with my Oc Shizuka Uchiha. But I will not tell you the reason cause then I would have spoiled the story. So yeah, have a fun time reading, and review please!

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