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❇ Prologue ❇

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"I-I-I-I um... Like you a-a-an-and I-I w-was won-wondering i-i-i-if you'd l-l-l-l-like to g-g-g-go out som-sometime?" Marinette stuttered out shyly. Looking down to hide her red face.

The blonde model stood there. Gaping at the red faced girl. Sure, he had some feelings for her but his heart belong to his Lady. He just couldn't betray her.

"U-um.. I'm so-sorry, Marinette but...I don't feel the same about you." He stuttered out nervously, not wanting to break the poor girls heart.

Tears had already welled inside Marinette's eyes. But she blinked them back and put on a fake smile, looking up to Adrien.

"I-I-It's fine." No. It wasn't. It was horrible! Terrible! "E-excuse me." She ran away before the tears had fallen out in front of Adrien.

"Wait! Marinette!" He called after her but she just ran away. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"What have I done?" He muttered to himself.

"I don't know but I would like some camembert." A voice came making him groan again and ran after her.

She ran. Tears streamed down her cheeks to her chins, sliding down to her neck because of the wind. She came to a stop a the road where she waited for the cars to pass.

She muttered to herself, trying to cheer herself up in fear of becoming the next akumatized victim.

"It's alright, Marinette. He just hasn't noticed yet." She choked back the tears. "Maybe one day he'll see. Or maybe I have to move on." She paused.

"No," she denied. "We're soulmates. I know it." She kept muttering to herself.

"Marinette. Where are you?" She heard a familiar voice call from a distant. In spite of her not wanting to see him, she ran. Not noticing the black car coming her way.

There was a beep, followed by screeching of tyres and a blood curling scream. And everything in Marinette's world went black.


"Where could she be, Plagg?" Adrien asks his black cat Kwami and sighs in frustration.

Plagg gave a simple shrug, "She probably went home."

"But her home wasn't in the direction she ran!" He stated.

"Maybe she went to the park. You know, to let the emotions out by talking about with her bff." For once, he actually made sense.

"Yeah," Adrien trailed off, till he remembered that Marinette was friends with Alya. Who the heck knows what that girl is capable of doing?!

"She's friends with Alya, Plagg!" Adrien started hyperventilating.


"The last time someone did something to Marinette! She almost broke their leg with one kick! Just one!" He yelled, completely losing it.

"Big deal." Plagg's 'IDC' attitude remained the same. "Let's go home, I'm sure she's safe." Plagg pleaded.

"I'll check on her later. As Chat Noir." Adrien said, earning a groan from the cat Kwami. "Sure, whatever."

Adrien made his was to the front door, opening it to find no one there. Normal, nothing new, always the same everyday.

He walked to the kitchen to grab some camembert for Plagg. As he walked pass, a certain news headline caught his attention. He quickly ran a grabbed the disgusting cheese and gave it to Plagg, who ate it in one mouthful, and turned the volume up.

"Today, there has been a terrible car accident next to the park where a teenage girl has been bumped." The reporter started.

Adrien leaned in, interested in finding out more.

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