Chapter 4~My soulmate is a wolf, so why am i in love with a guy?

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Chapter 4

When I got home it was about 4:05pm, I said hello to mama and tata and went into my room without another word. I closed the door, took off my dress, put on a t-shirt and track pants (something comfortable to spend the afternoon in) and sat down on my bed to think. I didn't sit for very long after like a minute I laid down on my back. If I go back home, I will probably go to school do my home work and be as miserable without friends as I was before I came here. Before I didn't realised how much it bothered me not to have any friends, I just noticed that now when ( I hope) I found some friends. But if I stay here than I can finally make some friends and start fresh without any reminders of what happened. I didn't cry the whole time I was here but now that I think about it I think I'm going to crack I really need to cry and let it all out. I'm going to look for a place tomorrow because I don't want to get lost again like last time( if I do get lost I don't think I'm going to be as lucky again and someone will find me and besides I don't want to worry my grandparents). The only thing I can do right now is read a book I brought from home. I got up to go to my suitcase that I left my books in and opened it the only books that I wanted to read were Romeo & Juliet and Emma, so I decided to start Romeo & Juliet (again). Since I decided to stay maybe I should unpack my books and maybe visit the library to see if there's anything English in there, if not ill just ask Laura to send me some of mines from home. She is probably going to call soon, I guess I have to brake to her the good news (I guess) about me staying here. I'm pretty shore she is going to be happy, I mean she wanted me to stay too, even though at the time I thought there was no way for me to do such a thing but I guess I did it. Just as I finished that thought the phone started ringing. I put my book down and ran for it but mama already picked it up and was talking to Laura. As soon as she saw me coming she extended her hand with the phone in it. We said hello, she told me she got a new job at the bank and quit her construction job. I told her about getting lost, Jakob, the girls I met and that wolf. She listened quietly and when I was done she told me she was happy I was making friends and asked me more about "the guy that found me in the woods" aka Jakob. I told her about his beautiful eyes, how it felt when he touched my hand, how I can feel it when he's close to me and how I know when he's being honest or not. She listened to that too and told me that she thinks I like the boy ,but I told her that I don't think he liked me and then we went on and on for a while. After that while she told me she had to go and she misses me and that she loves me and I told her the same, then I hung up. Mama asked me what she told me right after I hung up, I told her everything except the fact that I decide to stay here, than I went into my room and continued with my reading. After about two or three hours mama called me to dinner. Dinner passed by faster, maybe because I was eating my food faster then usual because I was in a hurry to get to my room and sleep or read or think about what Laura said. As soon as I was done and with a clean plate I went into my room. I laid on my bed thinking of what Laura said about me liking Jakob, but I don't think so. I mean in all the books I read when you like someone you get chills when the person is around you and feel warmth when the person touches you, but I didn't feel any of that I just felt electricity and I had a knowledge of weather he was lying or not, that is not in any book I read about love and I read more than enough books on love. I don't think about him all the time, I don't want to talk to him every time I'm beside him and I definitely don't want to love someone who takes long walks in the woods at night, that's just weird and I do not want a weird boyfriend. Ok, maybe all that I just said to myself were lies, maybe not all but most of it anyway. The truth is I do think of him, I mean what the heck do I think I'm doing right now.

But ignoring that, I decided that I just want to be his friend, that's all just friends. I still have to break the news to mama and tata about staying here, lets just hope they will be as happy as I am to make this decision. I put my book down, got off my bed and opened my door to peak out and see if they are sleeping. They were both watching a movie, so I decided to go out there and tell them the news. I opened the door and just as mama saw me I left my room and closed the door.

"I thought you were asleep." said mama sounding surprised.

"I was going to go to sleep but first I just wanted to tell you something. I decided to stay and go to school here." I told them and saw how a wide smile spread on both of their faces. Mama got up of the bed and came to hug me.

"I'm so happy that your staying I would have really missed you if you would have left." she told me with that irresistible smile on her lips, I couldn't help it I had to smile.

"I'm really going to sleep now." I told them with a yawn right after the sentence. I told them good night and went into my room, put my book on the my desk, shut off the light and went to sleep on my really comfortable bed.

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