Getting In A Fight!

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You and Louis were out walking around London. You noticed Louis staring at this girls bum walking in front of you!

You try so hard to stop him. You kiss his cheek he makes no reaction.

You pull him into an alley! "What the hell?" He asks confused. "Exactly my thought!" You say. "Why were you staring at her ass!" You yell.

"W- what do you m-mean?" He stutters. "Don't play stupid! I saw you staring at her bum!" You yell. He chuckles and rolls his eyes.

"I wasn't!" He walks closer to you. He has a smirk on his face. Anger boils up inside of you.

"Babe, I wasn't even looking there!" He smiles. He rests his hands on your hips. You knee his lower region.

He groans in pain. "The fuck!" He yells at you.

"Why Louis?! You have a girlfriend! You don't just stare at women's bums!" You yell. "Well what am I supposed to do?! You won't let me look at yours!" He yells back.

You tense up. Your heart dropped and there's a knot in your throat!

"You just admitted it!" You chuckle. "Do you want me to lie! Alright! I wasn't looking at her ass! I was looking at your BEAUTIFUL face!" He yells sarcastically. Sarcasm on the word beautiful.

That hurt you! He basically just called you ugly! You feel tears at your eyes and you don't try to stop them from streaming down your face. Sure you might be acting over dramatic but he just called you ugly. Would you cry if your boyfriend called you ugly?

"So now I'm ugly!" You yell and run out of the alley into the busy streets of London. You walk into a store and into the lady's room.

You look in the mirror and try to stop crying.

Louis on the other hand, thought were acting too dramatic. But at least 5 minutes after you left he knew what he said and did was wrong!

He just called you ugly! He looked at another's lady's bum when he was holding your hand.

He finally snapped back into reality.

He ran out of the alley. "Did you see a lady crying? Do you know where she went?" He asks urgently.

Surprising, the lady said she ran into forever 21!

He ran into the store and looked everywhere.

He heard the bathroom doors open. He looked around and saw you.

You were walking out of the store.

Louis grabbed your arm and pulled you back into the ladies room. He locked the door. "Louis! Let me out!" You plead. He doesn't say anything.

He walks over to you with his hands on your neck and cheek. He pulls you closer and kisses you passionately.

You kiss back. He pulls away and buries his head in your neck.

He didn't want to think about what would happen if you left him. He held back his tears.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! You're the most beautiful girl I've even laid eyes on! You will always be! You're not ugly! You look beautiful all the time! Every minute of the day! There was never one time you were ugly! I don't know what I would do without you! I love you so much (Y/N)!" He says. He tightens his grip on your waist thinking you weren't gonna hug him back.

Well you weren't. So he had the right to think that!

But after replaying what he said in your head you pushed him away? He then knew you weren't going to forgive him

He broke. He fell to the ground in tears! You hated seeing him like this!

You leaned down with him. All you were going to do was tell him you would always love him. You wanted to look in his eyes and say it. He must've gotten the wrong idea.

You scooted closer to him.

You wrapped your arms around him tightly. Telling him you love him!

"Stop! Stop crying Louis! I will always love you! Even if I didn't want to! I can't help it! You're like my drug Louis! I could never hate you!" You say soothingly.

His tears slow down as he pulls you on his lap. He buries his head in your hair.

"I thought you hate me!" He says.

"Don't ever think that! I love you and only you! I could never love anyone else!" You wrap your arms around his neck tighter.

He kisses you passionately. You wrap your legs around his torso considering you were sitting like that.

He pulls away and pecks your neck multiple times.

"Please! Don't! Ever! Leave! Me!" He says between kisses. You smile. "Never! I love you so much Louis! I never thought I could love anyone so much!" You say. You let a small moan slip out as kisses your sweet spot.

You push him away and kiss his lips.

You look at him. His yes red from crying. Still some tears falling. You kiss his tear away. "Please stop crying!" You plead. "I can't! If you would've left me I don't know what I'd do!" He cries.

He stands up still carrying and kissing you!

He puts you down and you two walk home.


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