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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1: The Phone Call

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A/N: This is a fanfiction about Hunter x Hunter. It takes place after the Chimera Ant arc. I started writing this during the hiatus, so I'm going to scoop in and out of that phase. It would help if you've read the very latest chapters of Hunter x Hunter.

Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter (c) Yoshihiro Togashi

CHAPTER 1 : The Phone Call
Gon and Killua had been walking for days now. In the desert. Only three days ago had Killua received the phone call from Kurapica. Come quickly. Kuroro’s escaped. I have a plan. Now they were walking through the desert, and Killua was trying to revert Gon to his former size. Sure, the agile twelve year old was still evident, but his state of mind was that of someone 10 years his senior.
 ‘Hey Gon! Remember that time when we whupped ice cream in the old man’s face?’
 Gon turned to face him, and responded in a deep voice. ‘Who is the old man?’
 It was hopeless. Gon had also lost fragments of his memory, making Killua’s job even harder than before. And now that Netero was dead, there was no one that Killua could look up to. Except for maybe Kurapica and Leorio.
 They had taken the desert route to buy them time, so that Killua could jog Gon’s memory. Palm had told him that the regaining of his memories was the only way to revive the child in Gon that we all knew. Proof of this was when Gon remembered his time at the Sky Tower with Zushi, and he suddenly looked like a 25 year old.
 Killua had been tearing his hair out, searching through his memory time and time again to find thoughts, a smell, a memory, anything that might have taken Gon one step further away from total chaos. Despite Kurapica’s words of reassurance, Killua found the need to make Gon either retake the Hunter Exam, or for him to return to Whale Island. But for now, only three hours separated Gon and Killua from Doni-Shi. Only three hours separated them from a possible answer. Killua felt lonely once again.

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