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Pen Your Pride

#23 DDM Boys checking you out: 

A/N: This is crap xD I apologize in advance, also I stole Louis part from tumblr credit to theywantthe1d

Harry: I hadn't seen Y/N in a few months due to touring so I decided to hang out with her today, right now we were eating lunch at a restaurant and the waiter kept flirting with her. He's messed up our order 15 times just to keep coming back. "Sorry babe, I messed it up... Again" he said winking at her. "Oh it's fine" Y/N smiled, completely unaware of what he was trying to do. "So, maybe I was thinking maybe I could get you're number?" Y/N blushed and gave him her number on a piece of paper. "I'll take that" I said snatching the paper from him. "I want a new waiter"

Liam: I looked over at Y/N talking to some boy and instantly freaked out. 

"Babe!" I hissed to her mum "Why is Y/N talking to a boy?!" 

Her mother laughed and kissed my cheek "You have to let her grow up. "Oh hell no" I growled getting up when he tried to kiss her. I picked Y/N up and threw her over my shoulder tossing her into the pool. She bobbed up from the water and laughed splashing me. We swam leaving the boy very confused.

Zayn: "I told you not to wear that!" I snapped handing her her tee shirt and shorts. Y/N thought it would be a good idea to wear a cut out swimsuit to the beach today and boys couldn't stop looking at her. "Dad stop!" She snapped "Mum Told me it was okay!" 

"Yeah, well next time you wanna dress like a slut you better ask me got it?" I snapped not realizing what I had just said

Niall: "Sophie!" I whined on the phone with Y/N's mum. Sophie and I got divorced around 7 years ago and Y/N choose to live with me. We decided to keep in contact for her sake. "Y/N got asked out on a date!" I whined laying on the couch. "Her first date?!" Sophie cooed "That's so cute!" 

"No it's not!" I whined "She's growing up!" Sophie sighed and took a deep breath. "Niall, you have to let her grow up"

Louis: It's not totally unacceptable to look at a girl in a bikini at the beach. Its ok to give someone an approving nod every once in a while. But this was different. This was my baby they were looking at. This was my baby that they were pointing out to their friends. This was my baby that their eyes were burning right through. This was my baby they were looking at like a piece of meat.  


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