Chapter 8 - To Outfox a Goblin

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Northern Barrier Range

Mikkin felt something obnoxiously hard jab him in the side as he slept on the hard ground beneath the forest canopy. The sharp pain of it quickly woke him and he opened his eyes upon a disastrous scene. He and Jamie were surrounded by Gobelins. Their stench met his nose and left him gagging.

"Up!" shouted the one who kicked him. He frowned but followed its orders immediately, sitting up. He was surprised the thing could speak his language. It grunted something to the others, and several of the little urchins rushed forward to bind his hands. He looked over at Jamie and the lad's terrified eyes met his. This would certainly complicate his mission.

He and Jamie were in the forests of the Northern Barrier Range in search of dragons. When his home and family were reduced to ash by dragon fire, he struck out in search of the beasts who stole everything from him. He cared nothing for his life (though he did care for Jamie's), and willingly risked his skin in hopes of avenging the ones he loved. While he did not care whether he lived or died here and now, he preferred that his death come at the claws of a dragon, and preferably after he had found them and slain as many as possible. This new predicament was going to set him back.

He strained against his bindings, trying to break free of them, struggling against the Gobelins that held him in place. There looked to be about twenty of the little monsters. Weaponless and bound, he stood no chance against them in current circumstances.

"Move!" the same Gobelin commanded, kicking him again. He winced as the sharp pain of its foot collided with his back. The one who kicked him was surely the one in charge given the orders it barked. He did his best to stand, as did Jamie. Their packs were confiscated-he eyed his belongings with longing. He heard several grunts as the little urchins discovered the three short Gobelin swords, which were now being passed around and argued over.

The weapons created quite a fuss, in fact. No doubt they wondered how Mikkin and Jamie had come by them. Would it be obvious that he had killed the original owners of those weapons? If so, they were in even more trouble.

The leader shouted something harsh and the Gobelins calmed down. Pointing at the swords, it looked up at Mikkin and demanded, "How you got those?"

"We found them," he said almost too quickly. "In the forest down there." He motioned in the direction from whence they had come. Weeks had come and passed since they had killed the owners and stolen the swords.

"Lie!" screamed the Gobelin.

"I do not lie," he said, "Jamie, would I lie?"

The poor lad was too terrified. He could hardly stutter. "N-no." Jamie shook his head back and forth vigorously. "You-you would not lie."

"And this?" the Gobelin asked as he held forward the coins and rubys Mikkin and Jamie had found on the dead Gobelin bodies during their trek.

"Those are mine," he insisted. He had given the booty to Jamie, but he preferred to keep the conversation focused on him.

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