Chapter 23

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The next morning, we get ready in silence. We walk out to the car and get inside, taking the ride to headquarters. We park and I look over at her, "Remember, I love you. We'll really talk after we get through all of this."

"I love you too and I can't wait." She smiles. I lean over and softly kiss her on the lips. We pull back and she smiles. After we get out of the car, we walk into the building and she is immediately swept away by the Agents for debriefing. I go to my desk and finish up my paperwork, worrying about her the whole time. Brock calls and asks how she's doing, "She's doing fine. They're debriefing her right now."

"I'm glad. Melanie and Rose have been bugging us all morning wanting to know how she's doing. I'll let them know." He says.

"How's Ray doing?" I ask. I feel so bad for him. 

"He and Raven spent the night last night. He says that he can't sleep in the same bed that they shared anymore. He's even talking about selling the house." Brock tells me.

"I understand. It's going to be hard on him for a while. All we can do is give him the same support that you all gave me and Carmen." I tell him. 

"Yep. I told him to wait until after Brianne is sentenced and the divorce is final. I figure that will give him enough time to think about what he's going to do." He says.

"Okay. Tell the girls that we'll be over there after we leave here and they can interrogate her and make sure that she's fine." I tell him. "Talk to you later."

Agent Yard approaches my desk, "Brianne wants to talk to you."


"She said that she wants to apologize to you for what she did. She wants to speak with Carmen also, but she refused."

"I don't blame her. How is she doing in there?" I ask. "She's almost finished. She did really well. She remembers everything, so don't be surprised if she asks everyone to start calling her Hailee." She responds. "What did her therapist say?"

"She said that she's fine to go back to her life. She's doing well." She answers. There's a commotion behind us and we turn around, "Where is she?" The chief calls out, "I need to see her now!" She walks out the door and looks over at him, "Dad? Mom?"

They rush over to her pulling her into a hug. She hugs both of them back tightly. They're escorted into a room so they can have their reunion in private. That explains why the chief wouldn't stay away.

I walk down to the holding area where Brianne is being held. Her eyes are red-rimmed from crying all night. "What do you want?" I ask coldly. "I just want to say that I'm sorry. I shouldn't have handed Carmen to those guys like that." She says shakily. "Is there anything you can do for me?"

The real reason that she asked me down here. "No, I can't do anything for you. You are lucky they didn't kill her, because then you would be facing murder charges." She pales when she hears that. "Your own petty jealousy caused all of this. You couldn't handle Carmen being around friends and replacing Chloe. Well guess what, you're going to be replaced now. You've lost your husband, daughter, friends and life because of what you did. You're looking at twenty years and a fifty-thousand dollar fine, for aggravated kidnapping. After you get out of jail, you're looking at up to ten years' probation."

"I'm so sorry," She whimpers, "Please help me. Ray won't talk to me. He got me a lawyer, but that's about it."

"There's nothing I can do for you Brianne. You made the decision to do all of the things that you did and now you have to pay the price." I tell her. "Will you tell Carmen I'm sorry? She won't see me."

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