Sollux Captor 1

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{hi this is my first fanfiction on here so I hope you like! Put a lot of thought into this so, yea, I hope you like it!~}

Your name is Sollux Captor and your friend Karkat Vantas has finally convinced, well, black-mailed you into going to a Christina Aguilera concert with him. You follow him unwillingly, dragging your feet and slouching, hands in your hoodie pockets. "Oh my God, Sollux! Hurry the fuck up or we'll miss the first act!!" You roll your eyes, "Whatever, KK, it'th not like I want to come with you." He growls and grabs your arm, running to the theatre, you really don't know why he couldn't just go by himself.  

You two soon make it, a bit into the first act and Karkat is instantly at the front, leaving you alone in the back, not that you really care; you don't bother to be in thick crowds of screaming people as much as the next guy. You look up as the song 'Welcome to the Circus' starts, dancers on the stage left and right in outrageous creepy outfits. There was one that caught your eye, it seemed to be a person with gills and barely a nose, it's hair black and slicked back with a purple streak in it and a ragged purple cape, along with a black long sleeved shirt, a light blue and dark blue striped scarf, and black and blue striped pants. It had to be the best one out there, the most realistic, you thought. You watched that one person, and holy shit could he move. He, or she, for that matter, was most likely one of the main background dancers. You watch the whole song, your eyes on that one, that very one, and it seemed like they were actually the creature itself, trapped in a Freak Circus to keep themselves alive, hiding behind their ringmaster to keep safe from the outside world. It just simply amazed you. 

The last act was 'Candyman', and you hadn't seen the fish person, or at least hadn't recognized since every song had a different wacky outfit. You sighed and were about ready to leave, since Karkat was drunk off his ass and had found some of his internet friends or some shit you didn't care about. But something in the back of your mind told you to stay for this last song, and of course, you hesitated to leave, slowly walking out as you look to the stage and see... No way. There's absolutely no way that's....

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