26. Unrequited Love

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He took me by surprise by pressing himself down on me and kissing me right on the lips. Harry’s hands placed themselves on either side of me on the couch, and my hands reached up and cupped his face. My eyes shut as I kissed him, pulling his lip into my mouth as my legs wrapped around his hips.

When we pulled away, his nose brushing mine softly, a small smile placed itself on my lips. “What was that for?” I whisper. 

“I’m happy,” Harry replies, his lips ghosting over mine in another kiss, smiling. 

My hands slide from his face to the back of his neck, linking together. “Good,” I say. “Because so am I,” I add, before pulling him down by his neck and stealing another kiss.


As much as I hate it, all good things must come to an end. And by that, I mean my time in New York was over and I was now back in London in the apartment. I had unpacked all of my belongings and was just being lazy around the apartment; laying on the couches and eating food. I should probably do some grocery shopping soon.

@Kelsey_Ross: Someone bring me food... I’m so hungry.

@Harry_Styles: @Kelsey_Ross There’s food everywhere in the flat...

@Kelsey_Ross: @Harry_Styles I ate it all, oops. I have to go grocery shopping.

@Harry_Styles: @Kelsey_Ross Get bananas.

@Kelsey_Ross: @Harry_Styles You’re on tour; you’re not going to be eating the bananas here for a while.

@Harry_Styles: @Kelsey_Ross Not too early to be prepared.

@Kelsey_Ross: @Harry_Styles Goodbye.

@Harry_Styles: @Kelsey_Ross Ruuuuuuude.

I let out a laugh as I exited out of the Twitter app. Standing up, I decided to actually go shopping. Grabbing the Range Rover’s keys, I grabbed my bag and wore my shoes and exited the apartment. Getting in the car, I drove to the nearest supermarket.

I entered the store and started pushing the cart down the aisles and hummed a song tune as I grabbed all the food items I’m going to be needing. A while later, when my cart was almost full, I went towards the cash register and waited as the lady checked them out. When she was done and the total cost appeared, I brought out the money and handed it to the lady, before putting the bags in the cart and pushing it out the automatic sliding doors of the store.

Though when I got to the cart and started putting in the bags in the trunk, a bunch of paparazzi showed up, and I inwardly groaned. “You need some help with that, Kelsey?” one of them asked, flashing his camera in my face.

I stayed quiet as I kept my head down, continuing to load the bags in the trunk. “Can you give us a smile, Kelsey?”

“No, because you suck,” I replied as I shut the trunk of the Range Rover and pushed the cart away and walked towards the driver’s side of the car.

Getting in the car, I started it up and drove out of the lot, leaving the middle aged men with the cameras behind.


From: Logan

Please, Kelsey, stop ignoring me. You’re my best friend, come on.

From: Logan

Kelseeyyyyyy. We’ve been best friends for such a long time. You can’t not talk to me.

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